Movin’ On

Not like posting here was frequent anyway, but it will probably be pretty quiet around here for a week or so while I join my family for an action-packed vacation in Florida and the Bahamas.

I’ve been running like mad all day trying to tie up loose ends, pack our suitcases, clean the house and trying to fit in a little something for myself. My last few hours have been spent working on some freelance projects (count ’em, three) that needed to be completed before I left… or at least, left in a decent state.

I look at the clock and see that it’s past one in the morning, and that we need to be up and at ’em by around 3:30. What’s the sense in sleeping now? Maybe a twenty minute power nap? Besides, a certain someone is lying on the sofa across from me, sawing logs like no one’s business… not like I could get any sleep with that racket… 😉

So yeah, movin’ on.

Yesterday was my last day (supposedly) at the job I had held for almost 6 months. Although it was not a long tenure, I feel that maybe my departure was a bit overdue, personally. I am very ready to move on to bigger and better things… hoping that my freelance design business will pick up even more (it already has, judging from tonight’s workflow).

It will be nice to come back from vacation and kinda start anew… it’s great to be able to go on this trip and not have any worries about work right now. This was a good idea. We’ve had this trip planned for a year, so it better be a good idea. 😉

And vacation is especially a good idea right now. since my mom pointed out my severe case of monitor tan earlier this evening. Hmph.

Oh, and before I forget… if you want a postcard, go ahead and send me a message with your address, and I’ll probably get it… internet access is everywhere these days… ain’t technology wunnerful?

sick day

I have a love/hate relationship.

I love being home to nurture an illness, but I hate being home all day. Mostly because I see that there are so many things to be done around the house, that I feel obligated to do them, even when sick. This is also a problem that I have encountered while working at home. It’s dangerous.

I first had signs of my illness last Thursday, and they’re much too lovely to describe here. To say the least, I had flu-like symptoms with allergies stacked on top of them. Not too much fun. I slugged through a day of work and tried to stick it out. Friday was kinda pointless, I went into work again (yes, I’m a sucker for punishment) but left by noonish. So my weekend was pretty much spent in a zombie-like state, although I was sociable and still went on with my activities.

Turns out that I seemingly spread my virus to a person or two at work (oops! I coulda had a DayOff!). I stupidly went in yesterday (hence the completely random and odd post), and came home to find K sprawled out on the sofa, suffering from a distinctly different strain of virus (he has a bad sore throat, whilst I do not).

We both stayed home today (for the most part) and kept our germs to ourselves. Hopefully, this was a good move. I’ve been good. I haven’t done any cleaning around the house, save doing some dishes and filling the slow cooker for tonight’s dinner. I swear, that’s it. How come I have such a hard time being lazy?

We hope to be rid of these nasty viruses by next week, when we will be (hopefully) enjoying a nice vacation. To everyone else, be careful out there. There are some nasty, nasty viruses going around!

time to get away

Many have wondered where I’m headed later this month. The story is, I’m embarking on my first real vacation in a while. I think the last time I went on a bona fide vacation (more than a weekend trip) was my Japan trip last summer, but even so, it was a trip that went hand in hand with a business trip for K. This upcoming trip is a full-on family vacation, with my parents, siblings, my sister’s family, as well as K and kids.

The mere mention of the words Family and Vacation in the same sentence are enough to make many people shudder in fear. I am actually not having much anxiety about this one at all.

So where are we headed? We’re going to Disney World!

Not just the big D (and all of the other parks within the resort), but we’ve got a whole Disney Cruise package goin’ on. 3 days land, 4 days sea, including stops in the Bahamas. I’ve never really perused Disney World (save a short trip to Epcot maybe 6 years ago), and I have never been to the Bahamas, so this will be a fresh and new experience for me. I really cannot wait. The cruise line is very much geared towards families (natch), so I don’t think anyone is going to have a hard time finding something to do that they like. I can’t believe all the stuff that’s available on the boat. Hopefully this will be a good first-time cruise experience, because I’ve been hearing a lot of mixed reviews for cruises in general.

I’m pretty psyched for this trip. The purpose is to commemorate/celebrate my dad’s retirement this year (he retired from BART after over a quarter century). My mom has been counting down to this trip for a year and a half… it’s sure to be the event of the decade for our family. Mom has already been packing for the past month. I probably won’t until the last day or so, heh.

This vacation also signifies another chapter in my life. I promise to expound on that statement very soon. Trust me, it’s a good thing.

Winter albums

The photos from the snow trip a couple of weeks ago are up, sorry for the delay. Captions are being added. There are a lot of scenic shots, not enough of people. Shame on me.

I didn’t take a lot of photos on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but that’s alright… I preferred to be mingling and chatting with people. Perhaps K will deliver. 🙂

Touch Base

Wow, been a while since my last entry, huh?

As expected, the new job has taken up a lot of my time and energy, which is all right, I suppose. The problem is that I haven’t been entirely enchanted with it. It’s taking a lot to get used to it, and the stress level is kinda high. I am hoping that things are going to get better in the near future, in terms of communication within the team, and management of the workflow. We’ll see how it goes as time progresses… but if the situation doesn’t improve, I’ve made it clear (I hope) that I couldn’t continue.

Tonight was the monthly South Bay Blogger meet…thing. Shoot, I haven’t really figured out what to call our new incarnation of meet-ups. This was the first month that we strayed from the “every third Wednesday” restriction that we used to have… because of that, Tom was able to make it tonight for the first time! We tried another new venue, the Tied House Brewery and Cafe in downtown San Jose. Pretty good food, decent brews, but a bit cold in the back section of the restaurant. I was worried that no one would be able to find us all the way back there, so hopefully, there were no late-comers or crashers that didn’t see the group and left without seeing us. Apologies if this was the case… I did ask the staff to keep an eye out for stragglers. We had fifteen RSVPs, but I believe a total of nine people showed up… even the ones that are still pounding away at their novels for NaNoWriMo!

And WTF is up with this new Evite system anyways? The general consensus has been that the old version of it is a lot better. I wish they weren’t trying so hard to be Friendster. Too bad for them… they really had a good thing going that didn’t need improvement, IMHO. If it ain’t broke…

Anyways, with Turkey Day coming up, I’m sure a lot of people aren’t updating their blogs, and/or reading mine. Hope your holiday is filled with fun, turkey (or Tofurkey) and pie. Lots of pie.