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Well, we’ve had the TiVo for a bit shy of a month now, and although the number of shows that we’ve watched has increased, the amount of time spent in front of the b00b t00b hasn’t increased all that much.

As a matter of fact, the person who was hesitant about getting the device in the first place has been recording the most shows. Oh, snap! 😉

I do like the idea of being able to watch on my own schedule, and getting to see things that I might have otherwised missed. Oh, and we’re incredibly spoiled by the thirty-second skip. When we watch a show in real time, we’re often tempted to use the skip… silly us! Luckily, we’re not falling into the trap of feeling obligated to watch everything that’s recorded. We’ve certainly let more than a few movies recorded from IFC scroll off the Now Playing menu, but no big loss, really.

As for new discoveries? Well, K has been very much into Discovery Times, which has piqued my interest many times, but my easily distracted nature gets the best of me sometimes.

ooh! shiny things!

What was I saying again?

Oh yeah, new discoveries. I can’t really say I’ve found anything new to me, but I’ve rediscovered Good Eats yet again, since I haven’t been able to watch the show on a regular basis in over a year. I guess it also helps that I received two seasons of the show’s DVDs for Christmas. 😉 I like being able to refer back to the episode when I attempt to cook the featured dish the next day as well.

I’ve also become very attached to watching Mythbusters since it is the perfect marriage of a few things I love: modern folklore and um, blowing stuff up. Well, okay, stuff doesn’t always blow up, but it’s really fun to watch these guys at work. Highly recommended.

Aside from those shows, a few Adult Swim shows here and there, a WPT or two, and some PBS shows (hmm, that reminds me, I still need to watch The Coke Bottle Story).

Any other shows I should add to my list that I might be missing out on?

If you’ll excuse me, I have some shows to catch up on… at twice the speed.


Shock and Awe! I’m blogging from work, which is of course, an unusual occurence. Come to think of it, I’ve never done this from this particular workplace, since I’m in this constantly busy environment. So yeah, I’m multitasking… although I usually do multitask, it’s always for more urgent projects (isn’t that always the case?).


So, I had been trying to convince Kev to welcome the addition of a TiVo to our household. He had always been lukewarm to the idea, stating that we really don’t watch enough television to justify purchasing a DVR. I think that he was under the impression that my gadget lust was in play here, and that it would be a frivolous expense to obtain a TiVo.

But how many times had we missed a show we really wanted to see, run out of VHS tapes (or scramble to find one), or become frustrated that we could not be home to catch a show or special? Oh, and the stacks and stacks of VHS tapes in our house is astounding. I wonder how many of them are full of recorded television shows?

Prompted by my parents’ recent acquisition of a TiVo (I had been telling them for ages to get one, since my mom religiously records her soap operas and home improvement shows), I checked the DirecTV website for their package that included a TiVo. To my surprise, it was more affordable than I (and Kev) expected… $99 for the hardware and about five bucks a month (on top of our regular service) for the service. How could you argue with that?

So I am now anxiously awaiting our new toy. It’ll be here on Valentine’s day, of all days. I can’t wait to start geeking out with it.

Empty Vee

Ugh. We all already know that MTV stopped being “Music Television” long ago. It’s so jam-packed with shallow reality shows, you can’t even get a glimpse of anything having to do with music when you turn to this forsaken channel at any given hour. Not like they really play anything substantial in the way of music anyways.

I was pretty disgusted when I saw press for the most recent addition to the reality show lineup: Rich Girls. The premise is that we follow around a couple of rich girls (read: snotty brats) and watch them spend money.

Whose idea of a good time was this piece of junk? These “look how priveleged we are” attitude of shows like Cribs and this one seem to be a hot item. What the heck does this mean? Are we really needing to live vicariously through these shallow people?

BAH. MTV has been spreading the wrong message for way too long, and have been way too successful at it.

Oops. I guess I just gave them more press. Hence, I cease this session of bitching. Le sigh.

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beans and franks

Much needed comic relief is to be found on the Food Network show All American Festivals episode about the Sausage Festival in Hermann, Missouri.

Trust me. The innuendo is hilarious. This was mindless, immature fun, and I really needed it.

Oh, and there are plenty of hoonts prancing about in this episode, just to let Nala know. 😉

gourmet, flambe, serve you up an entree

In a time of uncertainty, one thing’s for certain… tasty cuisine reigns supreme.

I have been enjoying this recent thread on Plastic called Make Food, Not War.

War, death, religion and politics ride rampant over the face of our fair globe. In a perfect world, all of our troubles could be solved if we could meet over dinner and simply talk. It is an unlikely dream, but in these troubled times there is one thing we, even we can all agree on: Food is tasty.


The thread continues to discuss:

  • the comfort of Food Network‘s lack of war-related programming (in which I take great solace from the war coverage, along with TechTV, of course)
  • Nigella Lawson (I will add, I had no idea she had a TV show till now, although I am a fan of her work)
  • the secret menu at In-n-Out Burger (which, I only heard about at poker night this past Saturday)
  • some tasty recipes are shared (including some entertaining THC-enchanced recipes a.k.a. “Happy Cuisine”).

Mmm, food. It’s the one thing we all can agree on.

Please feel free to share some of your favorite recipes in the comments!
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