i blame you

I just spent way too much time tonight at No Others Need Apply. One of the gracious keepers of the site had lovingly transcribed a GREAT article about TMBG from the August 12th issue of the New Yorker… which I totally missed since the bookstores put up the next issue WAY too fast!

What a wonderful archive of articles, photos, videos(!) and lotsa other happy goodies. If you’re a TMBG fan, go NOW.

clap your hands

The They Might Be Giants concert was last night at the Fillmore. What a diverse mix of people in that audience… a variety of ages, sizes, and races.

But they were all geeks. Totally. If I singled out any conversation going on around me, it was either about Star Wars, video games, Computer hardware, software, or programming.

Anyways… TMBG still effin’ rocks. Twenty years later, they still know how to rock.

And they still look pretty good too. 😀

I always had a crush on Flansy.

This is the first concert I have been to in years. As a matter of fact, the last one was a TMBG concert at the Fillmore something like 4 years ago. Imagine that. The music scene in Hawaii wasn’t all that diverse… not too many acts would come across the ocean since they utilize busses. Only really big tours came our way… mostly mainstream acts that we didn’t care for. It just seemed like a good excuse for the musicians and crew to take a vacation.

I missed the Bay Area music scene. I wonder if I’ll get to hit more shows… considering how busy I am.

It's Gigantic!

17 May 2002 is an important day.

No, it’s not just Bob Saget’s Birthday!

The 17th is the day of the West Coast Premiere of “Gigantic”! For those of you not in the know, “Gigantic” is a documentary film all about my favorite band of all time, They Might Be Giants!

The premiere is during the 2002 Docfest in San Francisco. More specifically, at Studio Z (formerly the Transmission Theater) 314 – 11th Street at Folsom.

Be there or be square.

Oh, and if you *are* there, let me know. We’ll go get some pie or something.