The Great Punkin

It’s pumpkin-chopping season!

I like Halloween, not just for the spooks an’ the candy an’ the dressin’ up. It also gives me an excuse to do some creative stuff, like cookie decorating, house decorating and best of all, pumpkin carving.

Gosh, that sounded awfully Martha-esque, didn’t it?

I haven’t entirely decided what I am going to do with my pumpkin, or maybe I’ll just get multiple gourds and carve a few of ’em. Last year, I did a matching Kiki and Jiji set. This year, I am tempted to go the Nightmare before Christmas route, since the characters are more recognizable, and they look fairly simple to carve.

Today, I found Extreme Pumpkins, with some over-the-top ideas for pumpkin use. I personally like the Carrie pumpkin, complete with a creative use for a zen fountain pump.

Other pumpkin places of note (for my future reference):

Any other ideas? What are you carving this year?


So, prompted by Tom‘s comment, I went out to seek a trackball the other day. I spent a good chunk of time testing out all the meeces and trackballs and even keyboards at CompUSAur, to the point that the employees seemed worried about me spending too much time there. I’m like that… I spend way too much time deliberating purchases… I guess that’s better than impulse buying.

So I bought a Logitech Cordless Optical Trackman… the one I had my eye on before I walked in the door anyway.

I must say, this thing roxxors.

It fits my hand like a glove, and is extremely comfortable to use. I found myself browsing web pages for a long time so I could just use the darned thing. It’s extremely precise and smooth.

Every time I get a new input device, I also wonder how I dealt with Apple’s one button mouse/trackpad for so long. I don’t really realize it until I experience the ease of use of these superior devices. Seven buttons… yeah, I know, I can get along just fine without all of em, but, it sure does make the job easier.

Oh, and a wireless trackball might sound kinda weird, since the trackball sits still on the desk anyway… but it really is all that and a bag of non-saturated-fat corn chips.

I am on my way to leading a wireless lifestyle.

But first, I feel like baking something. Cookies or banana bread, perhaps?

cake and ice cream

So, um yeah, today is my date of birth.

*throws confetti*

It’s gotten to the point that I don’t keep track anymore, and didn’t even realize it was coming, except for family and friends reminding me starting a couple of weeks ago.

I remember being incredibly excited about birthdays when I was a wee one… then again, aren’t we all? The toys, the cake, the ice cream, the balloons! We are one year older, and we’re getting closer to being a “big kid”! We can’t wait to get older every single year…

…Then we hit a threshold of some sort, where the confetti and balloons fade away, and the birthdays seem to come too fast. Where did the time go?

I want to wish a happy birthday as well to the fine bloggers I share this day with: Christine, Jason, Virginia, Dave, Andre, Buzz and Jonathan!

ups n' downs

Dear reader, I have good news and bad news.

The bad news first: I won’t be attending Gnomedex this week. Circumstances just won’t allow it, and it doesn’t make a lot of financial sense for me at the moment to spend over $500 to party with my fellow geeks. Although it has been tempting, I just can’t do it. I hope to see some good mobloggin’ goin’ on if you’re going to be at the conference!

The good news: Instead, I will be saving my shells for a trip to Japan at the end of August! I am totally stoked… I have never been overseas (and Hawaii doesn’t count). Turns out Kev will be there on business, and I can tag along! Wow, this means I gotta get a passport…

More good news: Although I will not be at Gnomedex this weekend, I will be attending California Extreme in San Jose on Saturday. If you’re in the bay area, and you love arcade and pinball games, you simply MUST be there! I attended last year, and had a ball!

Angel Adventure update

Update 21 Jun 03: I’ve tallied everything up. $609 as of midnight. Way to go, everyone! I walk tomorrow morning, so I best get to sleep. 🙂

Update 19 Jun 03: $514!! GOAAAAAL!!

Wow! Most of it in two days only, no less! Let’s not stop there! 🙂

I am up to $104 $239 $329 $449 $514(!)(with $419 of that from bloggers!) for my Angel Adventure donations for the National Brain Tumor Foundation, in honor of Joe. If you haven’t done so already, donate, donate, donate! If you already have, THANK YOU! I love you guys. 🙂

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I am hoping that this list will grow 😉

YES, this is tax deductible. If any of you need a receipt for tax purposes, let me know, and I can send one to you!