January Meetup Report

It’s been a long time since I posted one of these, and Ealasaid reminded me that we needed someone to do it, so here it is, the Third Wednesday South Bay Bloggers Meetup Report

Regulars in attendance:

And our newest newcomer:

  • Hank

MIA (expressed intention on attending, but were abducted by aliens or something):

Good coffee, good company, good times… as always, really. Topics ranged from DVD movie commentaries and George Lucas’ apparent senility, to cartoons and TV series. As always, conversations quicky degraded into the strangest tangents (Wookiees in lederhosen?).

Did we talk about blogs and blogging? A little, I suppose.

A few links that were discussed (although they are not blogs):
Weebl’s Stuff for all things badger and more fun animations
Rathergood.com for all things with singing kittens

Bloggers Meet n’ Greet

Tonight is the monthly blog gathering (we’re trying to actually steer away from the meet-up label, since the South Bay Bloggers have separated the gathering from meetup dot com).

We are meeting at Mission City Coffee, located at 2221 The Alameda, Santa Clara (map here). Time is 7 PM until whenever they kick us out. AFAIK, there is free wifi to be had. Look for me and my Powerbook with the Mac Pirate sticker on it.

We have a tally of 9 people coming. Any crashers out there?

all she wants to do is blog

Hey, South Bay/Silicon Valley Bloggers…

We want to see some fresh blood new faces at the Blog Meetup tomorrow night! If you are in or around the Cupertino area, please come down and meet us for a spell!

If you are in the area, but do not come to the meetups, may I ask why? Is it the location that holds ya back? Nervous about meeting strangers? Not to worry, it’s a fairly painless process, and we even eliminated the need for tar and feathers.