WP 1.5 Upgrade Party

Last night was the WordPress 1.5 Upgrade party at Chez Mullenweg on a cold, rainy night. I braved the elements to hang with the some of the most fun-loving bloggers I know.

Matt kindly provided install/upgrade services for some bloggers, whilst some DIY’ers (such as your humble correspondent) sat in the living room and performed the painless upgrade ourselves (it really is painless!). If you have not converted your blog to WordPress yet, or if you have been thinking about starting a blog, there is no better time to do so… the install itself is a beautiful process. WP is licensed under the GNU General Public License, which in short, means that the software will remain free (as in beer) for its users.

Jason D. provided a wonderful show for those near and far, via Jason‘s iChat session with Sam. I now present to you a few clips of Thor’s profession of love:

I have also Flickr’d a handful of photos, you can find them (and other attendees’ photos) under the tag “upgradeparty”.

big steamy thing

Thank you guys for making the first SFBayBloggers meetup a success. It was great to get together, shoot the breeze, geek out and share some good laughs. Damn good iced mochas too, but then again, I wasn’t too picky about frosty beverages in this current weather.

It was damn hot today in The City, and we braved it well, inside the greenhouse that is Cafe Flore. We missed the rest of you, but look forward to another meetup later this month to send summer on its way. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Here are my meager few photos from the afternoon. I guess I spent too much time socializing. tsk.

lock up your daughters

So, Nala is going to be in town for Seybold next month. I’ll prolly be going to visit the Pavilion floor as well to grab me some free geek goodies. I’ll be back from Japan on the 10th, so I should be able to get some quality geeking in.

We need to show him a good time! Who’s up for a blogger dinner/geekfest sometime during the week of September 8-12?

Or if anyone has any suggestion for things to do in The City, head on over and share with him!

do it for the noodles

Dave Winer is trying to organize a bay area blogger dinner on Sunday night… how many bloggers are gonna jump, and how high?

I think I may be in… Jing Jing has some of the best chinese food I’ve ever had! Oh yeah, and the conversation ain’t bad either. 😉

Anyone else in?

Blogger Dinner

It’s just not enough that there is a Blog Meetup this Wednesday… Robert Scoble is planning a Blogger dinner at Jing Jings in Palo Alto for tomorrow, Monday 17 February.

See his blog for details. Maybe Ealasaid and Elke can make it since they’re can’t make it to the meetup this week…?