The Night was Broughten

Last night was 7×7 Magazine’s Bring on the Night silent auction benefit for SF Camerawork, where they auctioned off the top 25 photographs in their recent contest.

My photo, which made it into the top 10 and therefore featured in this month’s issue, went to this lovely lady pictured here (thank you to Aynne for the photo). She wanted a photo with me and had me sign her copy of the magazine.It’s kinda neat to be in this position, although new and somewhat awkward 🙂

Bring on the Night

Sax n' Piano

I’m pleased to announce that the above photo that I shot (at Club Deluxe last December) has been selected as a top ten finalist in 7×7 Magazine‘s Bring on the Night Photography contest!


The top ten photographs will be featured in the November issue of the magazine (which, as you can see, has an “After Dark” theme). The issue should be out any day now… so keep an eye out for it!

Prints of the top 25 photos are being auctioned off to benefit SF Camerawork, a “non-profit organization encouraging emerging and mid-career artists to explore new directions in photography and related media by fostering creative forms of expression that push existing boundaries”.

Congrats also go to Derek, who I noticed was also on the list of top ten photos for this contest as well!

I’m excited that my photography is slowly making its way into the public eye. I’m even more proud that I’ve been forgiving enough to myself and to my artwork that I feel comfortable in submitting my photography to these kinds of things. Self-criticism is a hard to thing to overcome.

Creative Geeks Unite

I guess I’ve been somewhat timid to mention this, but I suppose I should.

I’ll be tabling for my first time at the Alternative Press Expo (commonly referred to as APE), taking up a small space at tables 348-349, graciously hosted by The Geekout & Entropy Comics. I’ll also be sharing the space with fellow geek and friend Kevin Cheng, who’ll be pimping out a graphic novel he worked on with MJ as well as reprahzentin’ Off Panel.

Slightly Irregular

I’ll be showing and selling my first (real) zine entitled Slightly Irregular, which I hope to expand in the future to found photos/objects and others’ contributions. I will also probably be hawking zines & wares from Robert as well as our friend Ben Claassen (Bendependent).

Now I just have to finish production on my own stuff. Ergh. I’m sure I’ll work it out just fine.

Lots of outta town friends are gonna be here for APE and beyond, so it’s gonna be a busy next week or so. I’ve been a bit sick for the past few days, so that’s been a damper, but hopefully it’ll clear up by the time Lap-POP 2.0 comes around!

It’s a month of crazy creative geekiness. Ain’t it grand?

November Rain

Yay, back to my normal pattern of weekend updates on a Tuesday, heh.

This weekend was a good one, with a nice balance of busy social and chill relaxation time… and a lot of it amusingly mostly facilitated by social sites online.

Photos on exhibitOn Friday, I headed over to Oxygen Bar (albeit, a bit late) to attend the opening night of the fotO2 show, including photos by my talented SFlickr friends John Curley, Rita Harowitz, Deb Lattimore, Will Luo and Gail Williams. It’s always great to see tangible photographs of the people whose photos I enjoy so much online. Definitely go check the photos out, they will be on display through the last week of this month.

Andy, Lloyd and Julia met up with me afterwards, and we headed over to Medjool to meet Jesse, in reponse to his Dodgeball earlier in the evening (yay dodgeball, again). We wanted to have celebratory drinks to welcome Julia to CA, so we all headed over to Mission Bar to hang out and enjoy a few beverages. MJ and Sergio responded in kind to our dodgeballs and joined us as well. Good people, good times.

Saturday, Jason and I attended the >play Conference at UC Berkeley, thanks to the generosity of a free pass from Scott. It was cool to check it out, and the networking is always cool, but we just were not feelin’ the conference because it was business-centric. We understood it was being hosted by the business school, yet it was advertised as being focused more on the creative side. Jas and I cut out a bit early, he to wander around Berkeley for a bit, and I to go prepare for the JFBCF fundraiser.

The fundraiser went superbly well (photos forthcoming). Great turnout, and we surpassed the amount of money that we raised last year! Again, many thanks to those of you who attended and/or donated to the cause. We are certainly making a difference in the lives of those who are living with brain cancer, for UCSF is the premier facility for brain cancer research. If you would still like to donate, please contact me for details to send donations directly to the foundation.

Stopped by a few places in The Richmond before going home, responding to yet again more dodgeballs, heh…

Sunday, Jason and I pretty much stayed in all day… the weather was pretty conducive to hermit-like behavior. I made a bunch more Squared Circle buttons and puttered around the house for most of the day… and even took another shot at highlighting my hair yet again. After sunset, we wandered out into Noe Valley to walk around and enjoyed a pretty yummy dinner at Hahn’s Hibachi (kimchi egg rolls, yum). We also met a nice neighbor who gave us the skinny on the places to go in the area.

Later that night, I met Andy, Lloyd and Julia for a late night snack at Burgermeister. I tried the tasty pumpkin milkshake while watching Andy devour the biggest burger evar. Always good eats over at the ‘Meister.

I then went back home to cuddle into my down comforter while listening to the first November rain hit my window.


Jake truly knows how to make a girl look good. First, the lovely portrait that he took of me at Lap-pop (with my D50, nonetheless!), then this elegant shot of Eris and I at her birthday soiree on Friday. Who knew my skin could look so good? 😉

If you haven’t ever perused Jake’s photos, I highly recommend taking a look. He brings out the best in people. I find many of my favorite photos coming from him.