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The clock is ticking.

In California, this Monday the 18th is the last day you can register to vote. I urge you to do so if you have neglected to register! You can Register online here!

If you are not in California, you can check online for your state’s Voter Registration Deadline.

Regardless of your stance on the election, the candidates, and the state of politics today, your must make your voice heard. And the time is nearing for that to happen!

You can get your own election day clock at ACT for Victory’s site.

AIDS marathon donations

Let me tell you a bit about my childhood friend, Dylan. We were neighbors from my baby days until I was seven years old. My family moved to a different town, and we didn’t see each other for at least a decade. We reacquainted, as teenagers, when we both ended up working at the same movie theatre. I have many fond memories that I share with him. It’s only natural for me to want to support him in his endeavors.

Dylan will be running in the AIDS marathon this December. He’s never run in a marathon before, but is training his hardest to be able to run on December 12th in Honolulu.

Below is his message:

Here’s a brief update to let you know how my training is going for the AIDS marathon! I am eight weeks into training, and it’s been quite a journey already. We did our first 10 mile run last Saturday, and coming up this weekend will be a staggering 12 miles!

I’ve run 100 miles since the training began and so far I have experienced sinus tarsi (who knew you could get a sinus infection in your foot?!?), shin splints, and what I believe was a twisted knee, but despite all the suffering it has been a truly incredible experience and I know it will only get better.

I want to thank all of you who have donated to this extraordinary cause. It really means a great deal to me, and to the many people currently living with this disease. I could not do this without your support and I appreciate each and every one of you.

And to those of you who have not yet donated… um, hi. Twelve mile runs, sinus tarsi, did I mention I get up at 6am every Saturday? Yeah, it ain’t always a walk in the park. I still have a ways to go to reach my $3,000 commitment, and anything you could give — really, anything — is a huge help. And it couldn’t be easier to donate; just click on the link below (unless you don’t have computer access, in which case this e-mail is pretty meaningless to you):

Or, if you prefer, let me know if you’d like to write a check and I will mail you a donor form. Please keep in mind the deadline to donate is August 21st.

Additionally, the training program is asking for water volunteers for the Saturday morning runs, which consists of being stationed at a pit stop on our running route and providing water to the thirst-quenched marathoners. It’s a great way to help and contribute to my fundraising goal; let me know if you are interested (bring a friend!) and I’ll give you the details. If you’re lucky, I might even buy you breakfast!

Once again, the marathon is in Honolulu on December 12th. I invite you all to come out and cheer me on!

That’s it for now. I’ll be pestering you all again shortly with more updates of my aches and pains.

Thanks again!

Anything you can spare, please help Dylan reach his $3k goal. Spread the word!

note: Entries on the Mexico trip and TMBG show are forthcoming. Really. In the meantime, buy the Future Soundtrack for America, would you? It’s so choice. I highly recommend picking one up. Especially since 100% of the proceeds go to Progressive organizations.

Not just for breakfast anymore

What was your first experience with the sacred cup of java?

I don’t remember my very first coffee experience, but I do remember one particular cup of coffee during Thanksgiving, when I was maybe a junior or senior in high school. I coolly poured myself a mug after dinner, added the appropriate levels of cream and sugar (read: lots), and sipped in it sophisticated style (or so I thought) along with the mingling adults.

I am aware that many kids in European countries drink coffee from a young age, but I didn’t start until well into my teens. I didn’t feel any real need to drink coffee. Then, again, who really needs to anyway?

I honestly didn’t drink a lot of coffee until the college years. It was one of those things that seemed required when you were pulling an all-nighter studying for the next anthropology exam. Either that, or chocolate-covered espresso beans (drool).

So began a new affinity. I would hesitate to call it an addiction.
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