Wikipedia Meme

I debated succumbing to another meme, but this one is informative! (found via Cygnoir)

  1. Go to Wikipedia.
  2. In the Search box, type your birth month and day (but not year).
  3. List three events that happened on your birthday.
  4. List two important birthdays and one interesting death.
  5. Post it.

My birthday is 27 September.

Three events:

Two important births:

One interesting death:

I ain’t taggin’ anyone, so tag yourself. 😛

Encouraging Creator

Yeah, a meme, but I like this one pretty well… it’s a pretty comprehensive personality test:

[image currently broken, but my result was “Encouraging Creator”]

Roll over the different colors in the bar to see some more details about me, or click the link to read even more.

(source: PersonalDNA)

It's Meme Time

Not to fall into the blogging cycle that Nicole describes (not intentionally, anyway), but, it’s the weekend, and the weekend is light enough to accomplish a meme. So without further ado, here’s the countdown (I hesitate to call it the “Final Countdown”, as Elke titles it, since these are always subject to change):

Ten movies you’d watch over and over:

  • Garden State
  • Napoleon Dynamite
  • Donnie Darko
  • O Brother, Where Art Thou?
  • My Neighbor Totoro
  • The Hudsucker Proxy
  • Amelie
  • A Mighty Wind
  • Grave of the Fireflies
  • Ghost World

Nine people you enjoy the company of:

  • Kevin (natch)
  • My brother Brendon
  • My Mom and Dad (is it fair to count them as one?)
  • My dear friend Toni
  • Toni’s husband, Brian
  • My niece, Maddie
  • My friend Michelle (a.ka. Batgirl)
  • My friend Andy
  • My friend Asa
  • Sparx the cat (hey, cats are people too)

Eight things you’re wearing:

Seven things on your mind:

  • What to eat for lunch
  • If I should have a cup of coffee
  • Does my car need gas today?
  • My sinuses are ticking me off.
  • I think I have an overdue library book (or two) in my posession.
  • My teeth are fuzzy.
  • I need to go outside.

Six objects you touch every day:

  • The quilt on the bed
  • My hair
  • Sparx the cat
  • my keyboard
  • my keys
  • my handbag

Five things you do every day:

  • Brush my teeth
  • Drink copious amounts of water
  • Take my allergy meds
  • Check my email and RSS feeds
  • Sleep

Four bands (etc) that you couldn’t live without:

Three of your favorite songs at this moment:

  • Title and Registration – Death Cab for Cutie
  • The Killing Moon – Echo and the Bunnymen
  • The District Sleeps Alone – The Postal Service

Two people who have influenced your life the most:

  • Mom and Dad (again, I lump them into one entity)
  • Kevin

One person who you love more than anyone in the world:

  • I guess it’s most fair to say myself. Or rather, I should love myself more than anyone else in the world.

There you have it. I’ve succumbed to a meme for the first time in a while. Now I can go back to some real content.

5 for 5

Two entries in two consecutive days! Sound the alarms! whoop! whoop!

Tom (unintentionally?) started a new meme, in which we name five blogs we think everyone should read, and five songs everyone should hear. I’ll bite, since it’ll provide you, dear reader, with some diversions when entries here are light.
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The Five Questions vs. King Ghidorah

My next Interview with a Blogger is with the witty Nala, who I mentioned peviously, will be in the Bay Area in a couple of weeks! I am ready to finally meet and spend some quality geeking time with him during the week of Seybold. He is a supreme geek being who makes me laugh. Read on for his Five Questions
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