Do you Remember…?

…the 21st night of September?

I’m trying to recollect this past month. Where did September go? It went by so quickly because I had so much going on: XOXO Festival, the Automattic Grand Meetup, a vacation to Hawaii for my 40th birthday.

Suitably, the above photo is a snap that I took on the evening of September 21st, on our way home from the airport. The sunset was gone as quickly as the past month. But what a great month it was!


Tonight, I randomly decided to re-categorize and tag every single entry in my blog. It started with what I initially told myself would be a “simple” conversion of categories to tags, but of course, it ends up not being all that simple. I’ve found myself also paring down and eliminating rarely-used categories/tags, and merging similar ones.

I told Robert that I was doing this and that staying up way too late on a Wednesday night working on blog taxonomy seems a bit obsessive. His response was that it’s just as obsessive as his fantasy football hobby.

I suppose he’s right. 🙂

Friend Request

As always, a hot topic with me, social networks.

Today, an ex-boyfriend added me as a friend on Facebook. No huge deal, since we’re friended on a bunch of other networks, and it’s not like we have bad vibes between us. It’s just that we don’t really relate anymore.

What got me thinking was when I approved his friend request, and the “How do you know this person?” window popped up. Oh, this is a toughie. Sure, I could say “Met randomly” or “Worked together”. I could also say “We lived together”. I could also use that in conjunction with “We dated from xxxx-xxxx”, but then I’d also have to choose from a drop-down menu for “How did it go?” and furthermore, answer the question “And now?”. Dare I say “We hooked up”?

I clicked “Skip this step”.

Hello, Friends.

Yes, it’s been a while, I know.

And no, I am not about to apologize for not being around, or not writing enough.

pic by kevin before the company party last week

Life has been happening in full force, yet I’m not really compelled to write about it much anymore. My attempt to perhaps return to my older habits of blogging (of posting links of interest, random thoughts, etc.) along with my longer life-chronicle entries hasn’t really been successful… erratic at most. I think a lot of that has to do with the multitude of sites that I maintain a presence on currently. I guess, then, it boils down to the fact that I blame the internets for everything.

Just wanted to let you all know, yes, I’m still here… the entries will continue to be sporadic, but they will definitely continue.

It’s not like I’m hard to find or follow, anyway. 😉

Two, no six, no twelve — baker’s dozen!

I told you that I’m crazy for these cupcakes, cousin!

Mmm, cuppy cakes.
this picture has absolutely nothing to do with this entry.

Ah, Lazy Sundays…

Heh. Sorry. Can’t resist the viral humor.

I’ve been digging my Sundays as of late. Even though lately I’ve been on a “wake up at the same time consistently every day” kick (inspired by this post), Sundays have turned out to be the day of catching up on sleep, relaxing, and doing nothing in particular.

R and I had a lazy morning. He made french toast and coffee (he’s a keeper, alright!) whilst I tried to find some wi-fi, sitting on the deck with the kitty (yeah, I’m dorky like that). Lingered over coffee and conversation while sitting on the backyard stairs on this unusually sunny (but welcome!) January day. Mornings like that are simple pleasures that cannot be beat.

I have a haircut appointment later, and that’s really all the plans I have for today, save a late lunch/early dinner with some pals. It’s great to not have a schedule sometimes. I laugh that it’s past two o’clock and I’m barely getting my day started, but I laugh in appreciation more than anything else. I wish more days were like this, but if that was the case, it wouldn’t be as great. 🙂

I think this is why we need three day weekends. By the time we get used to the weekend, it’s time to go back to the grind. Bah.