As Time Goes By

As much as I resisted admitting this for a long time, I think it’s time to call a moratorium on my 2019 in Review project. I got really stuck on June 2019 because that was a really hard month, mainly because that is when we said goodbye to our sweet Ginger.

It was also a bit challenging for me during this time of pandemic to look back at a completely different time and yearn for the “old normal”. Time to embrace my new normal.

Speaking of normal, I would like to make blogging a regular, normal habit again. I am considering this post as the marker of a new chapter. Here we go again!

Do you Remember…?

…the 21st night of September?

I’m trying to recollect this past month. Where did September go? It went by so quickly because I had so much going on: XOXO Festival, the Automattic Grand Meetup, a vacation to Hawaii for my 40th birthday.

Suitably, the above photo is a snap that I took on the evening of September 21st, on our way home from the airport. The sunset was gone as quickly as the past month. But what a great month it was!


Tonight, I randomly decided to re-categorize and tag every single entry in my blog. It started with what I initially told myself would be a “simple” conversion of categories to tags, but of course, it ends up not being all that simple. I’ve found myself also paring down and eliminating rarely-used categories/tags, and merging similar ones.

I told Robert that I was doing this and that staying up way too late on a Wednesday night working on blog taxonomy seems a bit obsessive. His response was that it’s just as obsessive as his fantasy football hobby.

I suppose he’s right. 🙂