May 2016 in Photos

I didn’t do so well at blogging in May, but I was taking snapshots constantly. Here’s my May in photos:

  • Cocktails at Bit House Saloon, which is probably my current favorite spot for happy hour. They have great drinks, mellow atmosphere, and a tasty fried bologna sandwich (don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!).
  • Spent Mother’s Day with my Mom-in-law and Mom, who came to visit for a long weekend. This specific shot was taken at the Oregon Garden, that we set up to jokingly caption it “Happy Mother’s Day, Birches!”
  • Enjoyed a beer at Bailey’s while the Moms shopped downtown.
  • Collaborated yet again with Halsted on a delicious dinner. She made a Chicken Tagine, and I made a Mediterranean-inspired salad. Cooking with a friend is one of my favorite things to do!
  • Went to see Tycho at the Wonder Ballroom. It was a great show and experience. The sound was really good, even from the mezzanine!
  • Enjoyed Matt’s BBQ with some XOXO friends. Coincidentally, this was on WordPress’ 13th birthday (WP’s founder is named Matt).
  • Planted our garden seedlings in the ground. This year, I have two types of tomatoes, Japanese eggplant, fennel, leeks, English thyme, French tarragon, basil, and nasturtiums. Hopefully they survive the excessive heat that we’re supposed to have this weekend.
  • Made a Strawberry Basil Pink Peppercorn Shrub with Hood strawberries, by Andrea‘s recommendation. It’s a tasty way to welcome summer!


You probably wouldn’t have recognized me just a few years ago.

I’m not speaking in a physical sense, although my appearance has changed only slightly, I speak in terms of some personality changes that I have gone through in recent years.

I used to be fairly introverted… the in a sense, the typical weird, quirky and eccentric artist type. Okay, well, even more so, the weird, quirky and eccentric geek type. I was definitely more quiet, soft-spoken, and sometimes even bordered on anti-social.

I took it upon myself when I moved back to CA from HI to meet new people, going to meetups as well as attending cultural and art events. Blogs and blogging became a big driving force in my social life, introducing me to all sorts of fun and interesting people, both OL and IRL. Face to face meetings slowly replaced these mostly online interactions, until it got to the point that I was meeting people in meatspace before getting to know their blogs and other online incarnations. I kinda like it this way, because I really like people. I like meeting new people and getting to know them, getting past the acquaintance stage and feeling like I can genuinely call someone a friend.

Moving to SF was definitely a huge boost, naturally. With most of my friends living within The City, and with the amazing amount of interesting things going on, it was like a feast the day I moved in, and hasn’t really slowed down.

Of course, once can’t deny their geeky tendencies. Technology continues to be a big part of my social life, with Dodgeball playing a huge part (it works as advertised: “See your friends more”), as well as for keeping up on events, Plazes for keeping up with where your OL friends are physically, and also connecting with others over SMS, IM and IRC. I’m also hopeful for the newly revamped to contribute to the already long list of things to do in SF. All of these are useful tools that I used in my socializing here in The City.

So like that, suddenly I was strangely labeled as “the popular girl” with her own effing fan club. It’s kinda surreal, and the attention is definitely something I am *not* used to at all. My friends that are not within the circle I socialize with regularly are amazed at how many people we know. I really like how small this city is, and that I know enough people to regularly bump into them, randomly on the streets and in our favorite places.

Aynne recently tagged me with Sanfransocialite. I guess it sticks.

Two, no six, no twelve — baker’s dozen!

I told you that I’m crazy for these cupcakes, cousin!

Mmm, cuppy cakes.
this picture has absolutely nothing to do with this entry.

Ah, Lazy Sundays…

Heh. Sorry. Can’t resist the viral humor.

I’ve been digging my Sundays as of late. Even though lately I’ve been on a “wake up at the same time consistently every day” kick (inspired by this post), Sundays have turned out to be the day of catching up on sleep, relaxing, and doing nothing in particular.

R and I had a lazy morning. He made french toast and coffee (he’s a keeper, alright!) whilst I tried to find some wi-fi, sitting on the deck with the kitty (yeah, I’m dorky like that). Lingered over coffee and conversation while sitting on the backyard stairs on this unusually sunny (but welcome!) January day. Mornings like that are simple pleasures that cannot be beat.

I have a haircut appointment later, and that’s really all the plans I have for today, save a late lunch/early dinner with some pals. It’s great to not have a schedule sometimes. I laugh that it’s past two o’clock and I’m barely getting my day started, but I laugh in appreciation more than anything else. I wish more days were like this, but if that was the case, it wouldn’t be as great. 🙂

I think this is why we need three day weekends. By the time we get used to the weekend, it’s time to go back to the grind. Bah.

Thanks Given

Best. Thanksgiving. Evar.

I don’t care that it’s as late as it is right now, I’m so completely content right now, I have to frickin’ blog it.

I am thankful for my totally rockin’ and tight-knit family. Without them, I would not be where I am today. I love them all and are thankful for what they have brought into my life, let it be enthusiastic support or utter silliness when I need comic relief in my life.

I am also thankful for the good food that I’ve partaken in all day today… as a matter of fact, every day. Thanksgiving is my favoritest holiday for of course, the fabulous foodstuffs, as well as the chance to have all the people I love under one roof at once.

I am thankful for good friends. I was fortunate enough to spend the latter part of the Thanksgiving evening with some of the most awesome people evar, and for that, I feel lucky. The friends I’ve made as well as the friendships I’ve maintained over the past year have proven extremely rewarding and I really couldn’t ask for better people in my life.

I’m thankful for feeling like I am secure and happy in my job for the first time in a long time. I’m thankful that I am working in a position in which I can exercise creativity almost daily, and that I work with such great people, at a pretty awesome company.

I’m thankful for my somewhat “new life” in The City that I love. I feel more at home than I ever have, now that I both live and play in SF. I do feel strongly that this is where I belong right now. I am home.

Lastly, I’m thankful for the fact that tomorrow (okay, *today*) is a holiday offa work, and that I can sleep in. Amen to that. 😀

Good night, everyone, and avoid any areas of shopping activity today! Remember that it’s Buy Nothing Day, and do something fun that doesn’t require adamant consumerism.

House is Warmed

Our house is properly warmed, thank you to everyone who came by this Saturday to partake in our glittering view of the city on a lovely night.

We were concerned about the high number of RSVPs, but it turned out well, with attendance spread out over many hours. I think the most crowded that it got was perhaps close to 30 people in the room at once?

Lots of fun was had, with gaming of both the digital and analog sorts. Tons of good food, thank you to everyone that brought a munchable! My homemade tiramisu was a hit and disappeared very quickly. Many bottles of red wine were opened and finished (did everyone forget that all the bottles of white were in the fridge?)… we are SO set for wineCamp, I tell ya. All of the beer was consumed with great gusto.

We were having fun from mid-afternoon, into the wee hours of the morning… so with full stomachs and a good buzz going, we happily passed out in bed, saving the housecleaning for the next day. Ahh, good times.

Fling93 has posted an awesome set of photos, to make up for my slack… I only took two pictures that night, shame on me!

For anyone blogging or flickring the evening, the tag is “geekAerieHousewarming”.