Happy House

This past Christmas, I had surprised K with a gift he totally did not expect… a shiny brand new Epson Stylus 2200 printer (good geek girlfriends give good geeky presents)! It was a gift so physically large that there was no way that I was going to wrap it and put it under the tree… so there it remained, in my car trunk, until Christmas.

On Christmas morning, I presented him with a small box containing a matte black ink cartridge for said printer. It took him a few seconds to realize what the present really was… oh, and what a priceless look on his face it was!

Fast forward a few days, and we are trying to figure out how to fit this large printer into our family room/office space in our home. There was no way he was going to fit the 2200 on his desk, so we either had to get another surface or work something ingenious out with our current resources.

We did a bit of both.
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cleaning house

A few minor changes have occurred in our home recently:

  • cancelled netflix, redirecting the subscription funds to a weight management program (I’m outta shape and gettin’ flabby, believe me)
  • replaced our overpriced digital cable service with satellite service (due for next week, w00t)
  • hard-wired another room to our cable modem… the wireless just wasn’t gonna work for that purpose (although we intend on connecting another WAP11 to the other end of said connection so we can use it from our bedroom)
  • threw out old stock from our pantry. Interesting what kinda foodstuffs you find, and how OLD they really are. Eww. Don’t even GET me started on the fridge…
  • moved some furniture around (no, none of that feng shui stuff)

A year after moving back to CA, it seems like we’re still getting settled. Does it ever end?

hot in herre

We have this one room in the house that gets god awful HOT in the summer (and come to think of it, freezing cold in the summer). Obviously, the ventilation is poor. It has one small window, a sliding glass door that has sun shining through it for most of the day (with curtains), and a door-sized entryway leading to the rest of the house.

We have no A/C, and one fan in the room. Bleh.

Any tips and tricks on keeping a room cool for the summer?


argh, I lost my post. I will recap as much as I can now…

This morning, I looked out our backyard door to see if the sun was out and shining. Reason being, I need to shoot a standard negative for my color photography class.

To my delight, the sun was shining, the skies were clear, and it looked quite promising. Double bonus, I discovered that the wildflowers that I had scattered seed for last summer had grown beautifully and were blossoming quite well! This put me in a pretty good mood. I called Kevin over to admire the flowers, when we noticed that there was a baby squirrel right in front of us.

There has been quite the explosion of baby animals roaming our yards and parks… definitely a sign that spring is here.

But unfortunately, this baby squirrel was injured. Badly. We suspect that the cat had attacked it and left it lying there once it was no longer “fun” for her to play with. *sigh* Cats will be cats.

We gently placed Squirrel in a box and I immediately drove it over to the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley (which is about twenty minutes away) for urgent care. What a wonderful facility! I am glad that such a place exists around here. I donated to their cause, as well as expressed interest in volunteering.

I hope that Squirrel will be alright, and I will be checking with the center in a few days. I am prepared to learn if he/she does not make it, but at least I know that it will be less painful than being left in the backyard. I left the center, knowing that I had accomplished my good turn for the day.

cold wash, cold rinse

Sunday is almost always laundry day at our house. Piles and piles of dirty laundry line the hallway, as everyone sorts their clothes into piles by color.

What I find funny is that we have a HUGE stack of dark clothes. Even funnier, we now make a separate stack for reds and blacks, since there are so many.

I think we need a little more color in our lives. ^_^;;