The presents are wrapped, the bows tied. Most of these cheerful packages have been carefully placed in the trunk, resembling something like a game of Jenga.

Cookie baking is almost all done. Many of them have been eaten already. A bowl of Royal Icing sits in the fridge, ready to adorn some gingerbread men.

One gift never shipped from the seller. Luckily, I made up for it by buying a similar item, and didn’t sweat it.

My joints ache, my eyes are tired, my back is sore from bending over to wrap dozens upon dozens of gifts, and the moon is now high. Time for me to retire to bed, to awake to a new day and a joy-filled couple of days with my entire family.

Those are the moments that make all this damn work worth it.

Happy holidays to you and yours… now step away from the computer and enjoy it!

Wear and Tear

I hereby dub this week “No Rest for the Weary” week.

The pressure is definitely on for us to finish up and send our out-of-town holiday gifts. As much as I like shopping with Amazon, their shipping dates are playing it dangerously close to D-Day (a.k.a. Christmas Eve). The shopping center I went to tonight was curiously not packed with people (not that I was complaining… I pulled right into a decent parking spot within a minute of arriving), but going through the motions is still tiring.

I have a feeling that I will not get home at a decent time every night this week. So much to do, so little time. I guess it would also help if I could leave work on time, too, but that’s a different story…

Ugh. I also just remembered that I hafta get the crown for my root canal tooth done on Friday. Should be a perfect ending to the week. 😛

Don’t worry, the rants will cease (or at least slow down) soon…

I survived

Today, I wandered into the abyss.

I braved the great unknown, a.k.a. “the mall” this evening to try and kill a few birds with one stone. I had a few things that I needed for myself, as well as a few gifts that I could purchase there.

The warm air, smelling of mall food and the breath of hundreds, if not thousands of people, rushed into my face as I opened the door. It was kinda creepy. I held my breath as I stepped inside. It was warm, hot even, inside there. So many people, so much hot air floating around…

I tried to complete my mission as fast as I possibly could. Unfortunately, some of my errands required me to try on some clothing. Save me. I hate trying to find the right pair of pants (in my god-forsaken hard-to-find size) as well as shirts/sweaters that fit properly. I must have some freakish body type, because nothing ever fits me right. When I find something that does fit, I often buy multiples of it, in different colors.

Anyways. End chick rant.

So, I struggled to find a few choice items that I had in mind for some gifts, to no avail. Very very frustrating indeed.

The funniest part was going to Hot Topic to try and find an Adult Swim themed gift for a particular someone. Apparently, there was a “scuffle” of some sort that took place, and the place was surrounded by the finest mall security guards available. They even blocked the area near the store with mall benches. I chuckled at the situation, which was so amusing that I wasn’t that upset that I didn’t get to find the gift I wanted to get there.

Luckily, I also ordered a bunch of gifts online last night. That helped me get started. Gift buying is definitely down for me this year. My entire family is doing our annual “White Elephant Exchange” so I only really hafta buy one gift for that, as well as a few other gifts for my immediate family. This season shouldn’t be too bad for me.

It’s just going the motions that can be a pain in the arse. How’s your holiday shopping (if any) going?


I hope you all had a nice Turkey Day (that is, if you celebrate it).

Ours was… interesting. Never a dull moment with my family, I always say. I kept feeling like our family get-togethers are something out of a feel-good comedy of the season, yaknowhutimean?

Oh, and I have unofficially been crowned the new designated turkey carver. I guess I have AB to thank. Not sure if this is a blessing or a curse.

A rundown of the highlights:

  • Dad pulls out a hunk of ice from the freezer, drops a majority of it on the floor, spattering all across the kitchen, causing my mom to scream in horror… “MY KITCHEN FLOOR! YOU DICKHEAD!” Dad continues on to the sink, where he is chipping away at it while Mom picks up the pieces below him. This causes many pieces of ice to fly about, and onto Mom’s head, causing more screams.
  • From that point on, whenever someone dropped or spilled something on the kitchen floor, a resounding “MOOOOOOOMMMM!” echoed throughout the house.
  • Grandma with heavy Filipino accent comments on my sister’s ass after smacking it, saying that she has a big butt. She continues on later in the evening to smack my own butt while I put dishes in the dishwasher.
  • Seventeen year old girl cousin proudly flaunts her eyebrow piercing to the rest of the family, not to be met by shock (the desired effect), but with ridicule. She unfortunately became the butt of many jokes.
  • The annual talk amongst the Aunties about boobs.
  • My sister, curious of what was in one of the dessert pies, lifts up the top crust to see the contents… takes a guess, then pats the crust down gently with her fingers, saying that “they’ll never notice”.
  • One of my aunts mutters an expletive, and expresses delight in the fact that she could now “cuss in front of us” now that we’re older, only to turn around and see one of our younger (12 year old) cousins standing right there.
  • The multiple “Backseat Pyros” trying to shout tips at me on how to jump-start the fire in the fireplace when I’m wrist deep in ashes, causing me to taunt them with a hot poker.

Save me from the monster that is my family.

I kid, I kid. I like family get-togethers, they’re fun… it only took my over twenty years to fully appreciate them rather than roll my eyes at them. 🙂

all hallow’s weekend

I tried my hand at making a picture-type pumpkin carving tonight, and I think it turned out pretty well, check it out:

Anyone recognize the character? It’s Jiji from Majo no Takkyuubin A.K.A. Kiki’s Delivery Service. If you haven’t seen this film, rent it this Halloween night, and watch it while waiting for the doorbell to ring!

I’ll be carving a Kiki pumpkin later this week to match Jiji. 🙂

I also spent the weekend baking Halloween cookies. I think I made 4 dozen sugar cookies and 4 dozen gingerbread cookies. I had all the neighborhood kids come over and decorate the sugar cookies, and then I started decorating some gingerbread today. Feeling domestic this weekend, I guess… heh.