Vitamin D

I had my Vitamin D Levels tested the other day, which my Doctor originally told me that I wouldn’t need to worry about till I was older. But she ordered the test anyway. The results were surprising – I have a fairly serious deficiency.

Vitamin D deficiency is common to some extent, but serious deficiencies are hard to diagnose aside from a blood test, as symptoms can include fatigue, muscle/joint pain, and weakening of the immune system.

Vitamin D levels — what’s really optimal?
>100 ng/mL – Excessive vitamin D (see note on toxicity)
50–70 ng/mL – Proposed optimal range
30–50 ng/mL – Suboptimal
<30 ng/mL – Deficient
<20 ng/mL – Overt vitamin D deficiency
<10 ng/mL – Seriously deficient

I’m at 11 ng/mL, which hovers right over seriously deficient. Luckily, it is easily remedied… I am starting off with 8 weeks of a prescription strength dose of Vitamin D (50,000 IU/week), and I should regulate my Vitamin D intake (both supplements and sunlight) thereafter in order to stay at an optimal level.

Why am I telling you this? Because even though a a slight deficiency is normal, an overt or serious deficiency can lead to more problems if it is not addressed early enough. Have your doctor request this test next time you have a routine blood test to be sure.

Also, I just wanted to set it straight after my Twitter post set off a whole chain of replies commenting on my situation.


My tooth is finally complete. Today, I went to the final in a series of dentist appointments to recover one of my molars from an infection… Root canal, crown prep, and crown placement. I am now free of the former amalgam filling that once resided in that tooth, and now a shiny new white (albeit artificial) molar takes it place.

The right side of my mouth must be cursed. I now have two artificial teeth in that side. I am hoping to not need to get any more, regardless of which side it is on. Chalk it up to bad luck instead of poor oral hygiene, because my dental habits are impeccable. 🙂

It feels weird.

root for the home team


Two dental adventures in one year is way too much for me. It turns out that one of my bottom right molars is in need of a root canal.

le sigh.

I noticed the sensitivity to cold a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t think much of it… but when it started flaring up when I would rinse my mouth after brushing my teef, I knew something was amiss. Apparently, there is a small hole/crack in my old filling… y’know, one of those silvery kinda fillings. I was afraid something like this would happen, because the same thing happened to my mom a couple of weeks ago.

I go in on Friday for ye olde roote canale. Oh, and a crown a week later.

double bah.

scritch scratch

Yeah, I know I’ve been MIA for the past couple of days.

Tuesday night, after the bookstore performance, I was parched. My throat was dry and scratchy after being in the “unusually warm circumstances” (according to Flans), and then we were thrust out into the incredibly cold night air when we were walking back to the BART station. We didn’t stop for anything, and my throat continued to feel scratchy.

A glass of water after returning home to my parents’ house felt good, but my throat persisted. I figured I would drink up some more and sleep it off.

I woke up with a horrible sore throat that wouldn’t go away and a sinus headache.

Since then, I have been fighting this thing. The sore throat has gone away, but I think the cold in my sinuses is starting to work its way into my chest. Great. The lovely coughing and mucus and all that good stuff is consuming me.

So, I think I’ll be spending the weekend trying to mend. Sure, there’s poker night as usual tonight, but I’ll be taking it easy. Too bad I couldn’t catch the lunar eclipse early this morning, but I don’t think I could’ve anyway, since the cloud cover was so prevalent. Anyone see it?


Yes, my friends, spring has sprung.

What the heck else did you think I meant… you dirty, dirty person?

It was apparent to me on the first day of spring that my allergies were definitely back. I did not have allergies as a child, but developed them as an adult… I think about 5 years ago, if I remember correctly.

Join me in the quest to fight these damned spring allergies.

Helpful links:

Best of luck to those of you that suffer seasonal allergies, and best wishes to those who have never had them… may they continue to elude you. 🙂