light my fire

Recap, recap, recap. Here’s some more dirt on this past weekend (sorry to jump back and forth between present time and the Japan trip, but I’m trying to mix it up a bit).

This past Saturday was not only the first SFBayBloggers’ Meetup, but also held some special memories for me from that evening. My friend Asa was having a little birthday get-together at Ocean Beach, where we rustled up a glowing bonfire, along with some great conversation.

This particular get-together was very therapeutic to a handful of us, who are still coping with Joe’s passing. It felt incredibly comforting to see the many familiar faces, as well as some friendly new ones. The weather, the ocean, the fire, the people… such a perfect combination, it felt like a dream. It was especially dreamlike as the fog rolled in, and the glow from all the bonfires on the beach illuminated the mist.

Many laughs, drinks and stomachs full of birthday cake later, we started to disperse. The police and fire engine lights began to fill the parking lot, people were getting cold, and the beer had run out. Tired and happy, we headed for home.

I can’t express with adequate words how much this get-together meant to me. Since I missed Joe’s service, this was the first time I really got to spend some good time with these long-time friends… sharing some old memories and creating new ones.

Not to sound like a Hallmark Card or anything. ^_^;;

Happily Busy

Busy times. I still haven’t even made a checklist for packing for my trip to Japan on Wednesday. I need to get in gear, seriously.

I spent most of this week cleaning the house from top to bottom, in preparation for K’s mom to arrive yesterday morning. She’ll be staying at the house while we are away. It actually feels good to have a nice clean house… I need more excuses to have a clean house.

That sounded terribly domestic, didn’t it? ^_^;;

Saturday was a farewell party for the Pirillos, but interestingly enough, without a certain fellow. That didn’t stop us from good food, good conversation, and good old fashioned geeking. I can’t begin to remember the quality geeks in attendance… Tantek (& his DJ gal pal Amber), Robert Scoble (& his wife Maryam), Dave Winer (who SINGS in the audio blog post from Saturday), Don Park (with an interesting story about Mustang Ranch), MJ (who always looks fahhhbulous), Jilly, Cheyenne, Hoopty (who I didn’t get to connect with, tsk!), the always smiling Vince… oh, I know I’m forgetting a lot of people. Oh, and there was cheesecake. And it was good.

We came to the conclusion that URL nametags would be best for these kind of gatherings.

Today I’m off to help G pack, as my last chance to see her before she’s gone for good from SF. sniff

Everyone have a good day off 🙂

Joe Update

Today was Joe’s last day of radiation. He’s also done with his chemo treatment as well, and it looks like he is going to go home this Thursday or Friday! This is great news!

I went to visit him in the hospital today… although he was tuckered out and barely opened his eyes, I took comfort in hoping that it would be smooth sailing from this point on for him and his family. The next time I see him, he will be in the comfort of home… most excellent!

He will be getting an MRI in about 30 days, and I will be sure to let you all know what the results are.

Thanks for all your support and thoughts during this time!