I hope you all had a nice Turkey Day (that is, if you celebrate it).

Ours was… interesting. Never a dull moment with my family, I always say. I kept feeling like our family get-togethers are something out of a feel-good comedy of the season, yaknowhutimean?

Oh, and I have unofficially been crowned the new designated turkey carver. I guess I have AB to thank. Not sure if this is a blessing or a curse.

A rundown of the highlights:

  • Dad pulls out a hunk of ice from the freezer, drops a majority of it on the floor, spattering all across the kitchen, causing my mom to scream in horror… “MY KITCHEN FLOOR! YOU DICKHEAD!” Dad continues on to the sink, where he is chipping away at it while Mom picks up the pieces below him. This causes many pieces of ice to fly about, and onto Mom’s head, causing more screams.
  • From that point on, whenever someone dropped or spilled something on the kitchen floor, a resounding “MOOOOOOOMMMM!” echoed throughout the house.
  • Grandma with heavy Filipino accent comments on my sister’s ass after smacking it, saying that she has a big butt. She continues on later in the evening to smack my own butt while I put dishes in the dishwasher.
  • Seventeen year old girl cousin proudly flaunts her eyebrow piercing to the rest of the family, not to be met by shock (the desired effect), but with ridicule. She unfortunately became the butt of many jokes.
  • The annual talk amongst the Aunties about boobs.
  • My sister, curious of what was in one of the dessert pies, lifts up the top crust to see the contents… takes a guess, then pats the crust down gently with her fingers, saying that “they’ll never notice”.
  • One of my aunts mutters an expletive, and expresses delight in the fact that she could now “cuss in front of us” now that we’re older, only to turn around and see one of our younger (12 year old) cousins standing right there.
  • The multiple “Backseat Pyros” trying to shout tips at me on how to jump-start the fire in the fireplace when I’m wrist deep in ashes, causing me to taunt them with a hot poker.

Save me from the monster that is my family.

I kid, I kid. I like family get-togethers, they’re fun… it only took my over twenty years to fully appreciate them rather than roll my eyes at them. 🙂

california crusin’: Day 2

Friday, 27 June 2003: In the Haus of Maus

Ah, Disneyland. The stuff that dreams are made of. Or, at least, that’s what the numerous flyers, commercials, and billboards tell us. What joys await us within?

K and I awoke at about a quarter to seven in the morning, since my family wanted to make the eight AM opening at the park. Exhausted and sore, I endured my pains for the good of the rest of the group. But frustratingly, no one else was even awake by the time we were enjoying our semi-continental breakfast from the hotel. Why do they call it “continental”, anways?

I think we made it to the park Resort at 0930 or 1000. Keep in mind that I have not seen this place for many years, even before California Adventure was merely a dirt lot. It’s completely different, and more reminiscent of Disney World… there is no longer the endless parking lot, there is now a larger-than-Paul-Bunyan parking lot to handle the masses. Patrons ride in a stinky gas-powered tram through the Resort area, past hotels and shopping areas… all reeking of sickly Disney commercialism.

It’s so freakin’ American.
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maus haus

Halfway done. Phew! My Japanese interview went off without much of a hitch, and my experimental photography images were very well received. W00t!

Amongst the madness of this week, there is something I am looking forward to… we’re going to Dizz Knee Land!

No, seriously. We’re heading on down to SoCal for a little sun, fun, and roller coasters. We (meaning K and I, my whole family, including my sister’s family, too!) leave early Thursday morning. My dad says 4AM, but I have my doubts. 😉 I think we’re supposed to meet up with the rest of the family at Andersen’s, and caravan down the rest of the way. Should be fun!

Our schedule for the vacation is pretty much packed, but if any of you SoCal bloggers out there are up for grabbing a drink on one of these days, gimme a holler. We should be in the area until Sunday mid-day.

daddy’s day

I hope everyone is having a good father’s day. Ours has been busy, yet the day is still young, with the summer sun still persisting through our windows.

We spent the day with my Dad, Mom, and younger brother in San Francisco. We had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe on The Wharf, and saw the silly performance duo The Umbilical Brothers in THWAK at the Post Street Theatre.

I stumbled upon this idea in David’s journal on Mother’s Day last month, and thought I would apply it today:

Twenty Things about Dad:
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