Creative Geeks Unite

I guess I’ve been somewhat timid to mention this, but I suppose I should.

I’ll be tabling for my first time at the Alternative Press Expo (commonly referred to as APE), taking up a small space at tables 348-349, graciously hosted by The Geekout & Entropy Comics. I’ll also be sharing the space with fellow geek and friend Kevin Cheng, who’ll be pimping out a graphic novel he worked on with MJ as well as reprahzentin’ Off Panel.

Slightly Irregular

I’ll be showing and selling my first (real) zine entitled Slightly Irregular, which I hope to expand in the future to found photos/objects and others’ contributions. I will also probably be hawking zines & wares from Robert as well as our friend Ben Claassen (Bendependent).

Now I just have to finish production on my own stuff. Ergh. I’m sure I’ll work it out just fine.

Lots of outta town friends are gonna be here for APE and beyond, so it’s gonna be a busy next week or so. I’ve been a bit sick for the past few days, so that’s been a damper, but hopefully it’ll clear up by the time Lap-POP 2.0 comes around!

It’s a month of crazy creative geekiness. Ain’t it grand?

Lap-POP 2.0!

Much excitement! Last time was so much fun, we’re doing it again…

An APA Arts Night Inspired by Blogging

Presenting a night of performance & readings & photography from notable APA bloggers and artists. Lap-POP! will be an intersection between geekery, personal expression, and pop culture. Wifi a plenty. BYOG = Bring Your Own Geekery. (laptop,digital camera, camphones,etc etc)

Guest MC & Curator of Lap-POP! is Min Jung Kim
Visual/Showcase Artists – Curated by Courtney Patubo

Performing Artists:

Visual/Showcase Artists

Musical Performance:

180 Capp Street, 3rd Floor (@17th Street), San Francisco

Saturday, April 15th, 2006
Doors open at 7:30 PM
Performances start at 8:00 PM
Intermission at 9:00 PM
Entry: $7-$10 Sliding Scale


If you’re in the Bay Area, you have no excuse. Come and see us asian nerds be arty and stuff.

Mid-October Madness

As is tradition, I’m posting my weekend update on a Tuesday. Nice to know that I’m consistent, huh?

Amongst my preparations for LAP-POP, I was able to have a pretty darned fun weekend.

Last call pokerOn Saturday afternoon, Jason and I headed out to Colma to check out the Tombstone Hold ‘Em game taking place at the Italian Cemetery within the Historic Congressional Cemetery. Jane McGonigal of Avant Game had invited me to the game earlier via email, and I was intrigued enough to check it out. I love these types of collaborative games, and I love poker, so it sounded like a winning combination.

And what fun it was!

About 70 people showed up to play on this afternoon. We split up into “tables” of 4-6 teams of two people each. The basic idea of Tombstone Hold ‘Em is that all five community cards are dealt at once, and the teams run around the cemetery to claim two tombstones as their pocket cards. The suit of the tombstone is defined by its shape, and the value is defined by either the year of death or the number of names on it. The only way that your hand is valid is if you can touch your teammate and the stones at the same time. It’s harder that it sounds!

I took a lotta pictures that afternoon, and there are certainly more floating around out there… there were a ton of cameras and other gadgets in use among this crowd.

I had to cut out early from the social drinking part of the game and the Sunset Game that took place later, for I had to jet across the bay for my Aunt Lydia’s surprise birthday dinner at Skates. Good, rich food (tiger prawns stuffed with dungeness crab? Holy crap), awesome view of the bay, and an all-around fun time. I don’t remember when the crossover was, but it’s cool to be a part of the “adult” family events now (more on that in a future entry). I topped off the dinner and thick slice of birthday cake with a coupla cups of coffee before jetting back to SF.

Dwele with The Rebirth
Originally uploaded by turkeybot.

I met up with Jesse at Mezzanine around midnight, who had scored me a free ticket in… bonus! We were there to catch the BBC Sessions Live with DJ Gilles Peterson, Dwele, and The Rebirth. It was a fun time, good music, and we danced around for a coupla hours till it made my toes go numb.

We left Mezzanine at 3ish and met up with Jason in line outside of the new De Young… he had already been in line for hours at that point! We hung out and reveled in the craziness all around us in the massive line… people were dancing about, music was coming from all directions, many substances were being passed around.

We finally got in the front door of De Young at 4:20 (heh) and wandered around for a coupla hours. Although it was way cool, I think that my awareness was slowly deteriorating and the tiredness began to set in. We left close to 6AM.

Unfortunately, I forgot to tote my camera along with me that evening, but Jesse did a good job at documenting the night’s activities.

I didn’t plan anything for Sunday, really… it was good to slowly wake up and nurse a cup of coffee while staring at the view. Jesse and I headed to J-Town in the afternoon for a late lunch and caught the 4:20 (hah) show of Serenity at the Kabuki.

And that’s all she wrote, ladies and gentlemen. See you next Tuesday. 😉


I have a knack for posting my weekend updates on Tuesday, don’t I? Meh, I blame my illness most of all.

As much as I wanted to stay in and nurse teh sickness, I had a coupla big events to attend this weekend. Luckily, I was able to take it fairly slow in the earlier part of both days, but still… I moved slowly through all of it.

Download festivalSaturday was the first ever Download Festival US over at the ginormous Shoreline Amphitheater. I’m always wary of these large music festivals, because I really detest large venues in which you hafta resort to watching video screens instead of the people on stage. Luckily, Brendon acted quickly when the tickets went on sale and we got some decent seats from where we could actually see the expressions on the faces of the performers. I mostly wanted to go to see my pal Andy perform with the Extra Action Marching Band, and see Arcade Fire live yet again, cos they simply rule live. I was hoping to catch Every Move a Picture earlier in the day, but unfortunately, we missed them.

What I came away with from Download was the same opinion I went in with… large venues are teh suck. Yeah, the indie snob in me comes out, wondering what happened to so-and-so band’s small club days, wishing I was somewhere like Bottom of the Hill and paying dozens of dollars less. This is an entirely different rant that deserves another entry. Another time…

On Sunday, Tal and Mish came up from the South Bay for a visit. We grabbed some food at the Firewood Cafe and then made our way to GGP to catch the last few hours of Comedy Day. The comedians’ sets were short, but pretty entertaining. It turned out to be a combination comedy & air show, since we had the Blue Angels flying around and above us the whole time. We got to see Greg Proops perform, which was pretty cool, but again, not really a long enough set. What I liked about Comedy Day is that most of the comedians had local-centric material, for most of them have roots here in the Bay Area.

That evening, Jason and I made a speed IKEA run for some household stuffs before heading off to Zachary’s for dinner with the Casa Arguello folkses. I still wasn’t feeling all that great, so we headed home and I watched disc two of Firefly in bed till I nodded off to a Nyquil-induced slumber.

It was really too much activity for someone as sick as I have been, but I had a good weekend. Now to get rid of this nagging cough…

The Weekend that Made Me Sick

I had a pretty full weekend, and maybe I’m still recovering, because here I am writing this on a Tuesday. The biggest indicator of my fatigue is the fact that I seem to have come down with a nasty bug, that came down on me pretty fast and hard.

Friday, I forfeited my ticket to see Serenity with the crowd that was going to the Metreon because I wanted to watch more of the series before jumping into the movie. Instead, I met up with my pal Arnie at Zeitgeist after figuring out we couldn’t go to the ol’ Hush Hush because it closed in August. Met some new people, which was cool… Zeitgeist’s environment is very conducive to that, with its huge backyard area. I was also pleasantly surprised when Eddie showed up in response to my Dodgeball that I had sent when we arrived. Proof that Dodgeball really does work! Later that evening, we headed over to the Cat Club, where one of Arn’s friends was spinning. Pretty fun times, had a new drink, the Washington Apple martini shot or something? I dunno, I didn’t order it.

concerty goodnessSaturday, after puttering around at home a little bit, I met up with Andy and Eddie at Little Star Pizza, in turn meeting Tommy and Lindsay, who had originally suggested this place for dinner because of its killer jukebox (which, BTW, did not disappoint!). Oh, and the food was tasty too. Two medium deep-dish pizzas were way more than enough for us.

With full bellies, we walked on over to The Independent, where the reason that brought us together in the first place, Mike Doughty, was performing that night. We had a rockin’ time… Doughty puts on a great show, and he did some pretty cool covers, like Duran Duran’s Hungry Like the Wolf and GnR’s Paradise City. It was also pretty neat that I ran into South Bay Blogger Rich after the show. The blogiverse is indeed small.

Afterwards, it was to Bar 821 where I sampled an interesting lychee soju cocktail and a coupla Leffes. Some folks sat next to us that apparently worked for Microsoft? Freakin’ weird to hear random people talking about podcasting and feeds and stuff. So again, Dodgeball worked, and we found ourselves joined by MJ and her new roomie, Sergio. 821 closes its doors at like 11-12ish, so then it was over to Fly Bar for more chattin’. I think I’d had enough at that point and headed home after everyone else finished their libations.

Castro St. Fair PosseSunday, Ernie came by our pad and we all walked down to the Castro Street Fair. We got to visit the secret slides very briefly on our way down, which are pretty cool. I wondered out loud if someone would run a water hose down the slides during the summer, that’d be even cooler. The fair was pretty neat, a good crowd but not overwhelming. Lotsa interesting booths and performances to see there… but I think that people watching is the best part of events such as these. We eventually met up with Donny, Matte, and a whole slew of other guys… it’s funny that everyone seemed to know each other as we walked down the street, but also pretty cool (“That’s what you get for hanging out with a bunch of gay men in The Castro,” Ernie says). I have lotsa pictures from the fair, go lookie.

That evening was the EFF‘s 15th birthday bash, and I decided to check it out. Although I wasn’t sure what kind of crowd to expect, I was happy to ran into folkses such as Scott (who brought his mom!), Niall, Jake, Jackson, Nicole, Eddie, MJ and Sergio. There was a really great jazz/swing band playing that I failed to get the name of, and there was some tasty Mexican food catered that I gladly partook in. Jake has posted a buncha great photos from the party, and I slack on posting mine.

Way full weekend. Much more so than I’m used to. I get tired just writing about it.