May 2016 in Photos

I didn’t do so well at blogging in May, but I was taking snapshots constantly. Here’s my May in photos:

  • Cocktails at Bit House Saloon, which is probably my current favorite spot for happy hour. They have great drinks, mellow atmosphere, and a tasty fried bologna sandwich (don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!).
  • Spent Mother’s Day with my Mom-in-law and Mom, who came to visit for a long weekend. This specific shot was taken at the Oregon Garden, that we set up to jokingly caption it “Happy Mother’s Day, Birches!”
  • Enjoyed a beer at Bailey’s while the Moms shopped downtown.
  • Collaborated yet again with Halsted on a delicious dinner. She made a Chicken Tagine, and I made a Mediterranean-inspired salad. Cooking with a friend is one of my favorite things to do!
  • Went to see Tycho at the Wonder Ballroom. It was a great show and experience. The sound was really good, even from the mezzanine!
  • Enjoyed Matt’s BBQ with some XOXO friends. Coincidentally, this was on WordPress’ 13th birthday (WP’s founder is named Matt).
  • Planted our garden seedlings in the ground. This year, I have two types of tomatoes, Japanese eggplant, fennel, leeks, English thyme, French tarragon, basil, and nasturtiums. Hopefully they survive the excessive heat that we’re supposed to have this weekend.
  • Made a Strawberry Basil Pink Peppercorn Shrub with Hood strawberries, by Andrea‘s recommendation. It’s a tasty way to welcome summer!

stormy weather

We seem to have survived the Bay Area’s worst storm in seven years with nary a scratch. The North Bay got the brunt of it, with some areas getting over one foot of rain in one day. Ouch! We were lucky enough to not have a power outage, out of the hundreds of thousands of people that did.

We had a bit of a tragedy in our own backyard… the fences on the side and back have toppled over, snapping many of the boards in various places. We’re hoping that our cheap landlord will spring for the replacement/repair. *sigh* The fence was obviously old, rotting and falling over to begin with, and all he did was nail some posts leaning into the fence to supposedly support it. Doesn’t work well in a storm like this, does it?

I seem to have come out of the cold, stormy weekend with something resembling a cold or mild flu… bleh! Not good, considering I have a TON of stuff to do this week, including a boatload of freelance work, baking and Christmas shopping (ugh!).

Unfortunately, the storm is supposed to continue through the week… although I dunno if it will be as horrible as the weekend was! Of course, all this rain means about many feet of snow in Tahoe… 🙂

you could go with this, or you could go with that

Last night, I spent the evening with Andy and Mish… had a quick BBQ dinner and watched Andy kick some good roller hockey boo-tay. ‘Twas a good evening. The funny thing was, right before I got to their house (spending 40 minutes in rush-hour traffic from Santa Clara to SAN JOSE, for chrissakes), the alarm on my Treo went off. What could it be?

I had forgotten that many many months ago (try sometime in the beginning of summer), I had discovered that my culinary hero, Alton Brown, was going to be in Los Gatos. Argh! But being the good friend I am(!), I decided to stick with my plan to go watch the hockey game.

It wasn’t a big loss, really. I had a lot of fun, and forgot about my frustration with the traffic and missing out on Mr. Brown.

So where does this tie in for today, you ask? Yeah, I’m getting to that.

Today, I spent a lot of the day catching up on the school work that I had put off for the past coupla days… yeah, I know I’m bad. I’ve been slacking cos I’ve been outta sorts since Kev has been outta town. Amazing how I’ve watched more teevee in the past 3 days than I have in the past 3 months. So today, I was pretty good about working on my studies, and not doing any blog reading or surfing until noon (taking a page from Ealasaid‘s book).

I had class this evening, and I was all done with my work, ready to go. So then I start doing my blog reads and some various site surfing. I happened upon this page on Mr. Brown’s site, and discovered that he had yet another appearance in the Bay Area, but farther away than last night. Hrrm. Should I stay or shall I go? I thought that I’d be a good girl and head off to class… do the right thing. Yay me, good for me.

I drive to Cupertino, to discover class was cancelled. Blah. Hence tonight’s rant. I was just trying to do the right thing!

take a whiff

Scents that I have taken in today, and enjoyed:

  • lavender
  • fresh baked bread
  • a chimney burning
  • photo fix (still on my hands, heh)

Scents I experienced today, and would rather forget:

  • B.O.
  • a dead bird that the cat killed
  • the inside of the trash bin (stand clear when that lid closes… phew!)
  • the garbage disposal

I just realized I can breathe well… must be why my sense of smell is more sensitive today. Amazing, since I’ve been battling new allergies.

Sugar Frosted

Hoppy Easter. Bawk bawk!

It was like any other Sunday. Slept in, made pancakes for breakfast, did the laundry, took an afternoon nap.

And then I spent a good deal of the day making Easter Cookies.

I did all right, considering I was out of disposable pastry bags, and only had 4 colors to work with. But that’s not a big deal. All these cookies will probably disappear within a few days anyways!

We’re preparing for the big move. Got the crap together for a garage sale in two weeks, purged purged purged. Garage sales attract… interesting people. The wacky ones come super early and act like stalkers… sitting in their cars in the light of the sunrise, watching your every mood. I’m not looking forward to the bargaining, either, heh.

Hmm. We need a link. Funny news is good.

Enjoy your week. 🙂