What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Glenda and I were having a conversation not too long ago about names, and which ones seemed to be popular amongst our other ‘cousins’…

Me:I don’t think I know any other glendas
Glenda: yeah, i wasn’t aware glenda was a popular filipino name?
Glenda: then there is also glynnis
Me: glynnis? never heard that one
Glenda: me neither!
Me: huh, namefinder thingies say it’s Celtic
Glenda: glenda is also celtic.
Me: yeah
Glenda: no. hrm. actually welsh.
Glenda: glenda is welsh.
Me: actually another site says Welsh for Glynnis too
Me: “Either a variant of GLENYS or an elaboration of the Welsh word glyn meaning “valley”.”
Me: and “Glenys” is “Elaboration of the Welsh word glan meaning “pure” or “holy”.”
Me: oh, fack. hahahah
Me: Courtney: From a surname which was derived either from a French place name meaning “domain of CURTIS” or else from a French nickname meaning “short nose”.
Glenda: i like your name. your name is the jam.
Me: the filipino nose!
Glenda: LOL

So even though my name is French, there is a logical reason why I have that name. Filipinos have short noses, yeah.


Abort, Retry, Delete?

You know it’s bad when you start using compu-talk in conversations…

R: I’m on the verge of a career crisis!
C: ruh oh!
R: hit restart!
C: force quit!
R: my boss already did that to me 2 months ago!
C: hahaha… unexpectedly quit
R: hahaha
R: process contains fatal errors
C: abort, retry, delete?
R: i want to reformat my hard drive
C: your internal or external?
R: if only it were that easy
R: hahaha
R: internal, save the external in case I change my mind
C: you can still boot from the external
C: perhaps you should make a backup
R: I’m hanging
R: too many processes at once
C: multi-task processing
R: maybe it will work itself out after some sleep mode
C: I recommend defragmenting
C: and some anti-virus protection
R: I’m so fragmented
R: I’d tell you about my bits but that’s nsfw
C: hahahah
C: that really burns my disc.
C: (this is getting bad)
R: hahaha, “getting”
C: dammit
C: Okay, blogging this
C: haha
R: oh boy…