New home

After lots of back and forth, I’ve finally finished migrating web hosts, setting up my new domain name, and transferred all my content. Please roll out the welcome mat for my blog’s new home at!

Also of note: I’ve migrated my food blog to Courtney’s Bar and Kitchen, take a look if you’re interested in seeing all the food I cook and consume.

A blogger’s work is never done, though. I’m still continuing to edit tags, categories, fixing broken images, etc. But now that the most challenging part of the migration is behind me, I’m hoping to be posting here more often now.

As a long-time blogger, one of the ongoing issues for me is being self-conscious about my past content, and dare I say, about the person I used to be. I look back at some of the old entries I wrote, and sometimes I don’t even recognize the person who wrote them.

But then I think, that’s all a part of who I was, and those experiences led me to who I am today. So the content stays… for now. And the beauty of this being my blog is that I can always change my mind about that later. 😉


Tonight, I randomly decided to re-categorize and tag every single entry in my blog. It started with what I initially told myself would be a “simple” conversion of categories to tags, but of course, it ends up not being all that simple. I’ve found myself also paring down and eliminating rarely-used categories/tags, and merging similar ones.

I told Robert that I was doing this and that staying up way too late on a Wednesday night working on blog taxonomy seems a bit obsessive. His response was that it’s just as obsessive as his fantasy football hobby.

I suppose he’s right. 🙂


Hello again.

I’ve sat here with my WordPress dashboard open for weeks, thinking of what to write. I was thinking I needed to make some sort of grand announcement, write a massive catch-up post, or write something extremely witty and insightful.

Then I realized that this was holding me back. What I love about personal blogging is having a chronicle of where I was at, physically, mentally, and emotionally, at any given time.

Time to get over any anxieties that my writing isn’t good enough, that my creative projects aren’t polished enough, and if my daily life is interesting enough. Time to just write!

Reaching Back

You may have noticed that the archive section of this blog has grown significantly in the past day or so. Or maybe you haven’t. Well, FINE!

I’ve decided to re-import my older blog entries into this new blog, for historical purposes. I was starting to really miss having the chronicles of my life here at my fingertips.

When I started this new blog, I was inspired by my blogs of old to have a more personal account of my life, where I have been both physically and emotionally. I was really feeling wistful for the days that I was writing for myself.

Unfortunately, I’ve seemed to have lost a chunk of comments in the re-import, but many still remain. Some weird thing happened in which some comments became entries, and I simply deleted them to avoid the headache. Well, at least my entries are all there, for the most part. I also deleted irrelevant entries, like most “site update” type entries and some memes. This clean-up continues in the next day or so, and therefore things may be a bit wonky ’round here. I guess I don’t really need to give excuses, for websites are always in a state of flux.

This is dangerous because I’ve been spending a good deal of time tonight just reading those old entries. Hmm… maybe it also doesn’t help that I had a latte and a doppio espresso at Ritual tonight. I guess that’s what I get for not really having much coffee in the past few weeks because of my illness. Perhaps I need to counteract it with my Nyquil cough syrup.


more updates: In reading my old entries, I was totally reminded of my old moblog on Textamerica. I pulled the pictures off and am now starting to put them in Flickr. Yay for historical stuffs.

A Christening

It’s only appropriate that I christen this weblog on my birthday. So here it is, YANB (yet another blog).

Sure, I’ve gone through many stages of MJ‘s now-famous Lifecycle of Bloggers, but this time, I’m determined to make this one work. Gee, how long is *that* gonna last?

There are a few things I want to accomplish with this blog (in no particular order):

  1. Provide myself with a chronicle of what I’ve been doing, where I’ve been… physically, emotionally, mentally. In my first blog(s), I was very personal, which now I enjoy re-reading and seeing where I was, regardless of how embarrassing it might might be in a few years. In turn I hope to…
  2. Develop a better ability to articulate. Writing helps this… a lot. Regardless of the inanity of the writings themselves… ya just gotta keep at it, like any other skill or hobby.
  3. Write for a smaller audience. Those of us that write on The Internets start doing it because we *want* someone to read it, let it be anonymous lurkers or friends from all over. If we wanted things to be private, we’d *keep* it private. That’s why I have my analog journal, and I’ll keep those things within those hard-bound pages. A few years ago, I inadvertently found myself having a larger audience to write for and felt the pressure of it as time went on. I find that these days my readership is mostly people I know IRL and see almost regularly, and I like it that way. It brings the “personal” back to Personal Blogging.
  4. Stay in touch with others. I guess this correlates with the reasons stated above. I know that some of my RL pals and family that aren’t bloggers (heaven forbid) read my blogs, follow my flickr photostream and various other feeds of mine to keep up with me.
  5. Have something to do. Heh. Okay, this is kinda stretching it, I actually do have a lot I do and *can* do. But a lot of my life is spent on a computer of some sort, and I like to keep that experience enjoyable. Blogging and its related activities are enjoyable, believe it or not. 🙂

There ya have it. I’d like to look back on this entry on my thirtieth birthday and see how it’s gone.