MacWorld '05 Roll Call

I just wanted to get a feel for who’s gonna be at MWSF next week. I have an exhibits-only pass, but I always use this as an excuse to get together with fellow mac fans.

I am completely and totally out of the rumor mill loop, so I better get with it.

I will probably be there on the 11th or 12th, but I can make it out there during the remainder of the week as well.

So who’s in?

update 010505 21:40: Jason Shellen is hosting a Blogger Lunch on Tuesday the 11th.

update 011105 2330 pst: The 43 Folders meetup will be at House of Shields on New Montgomery tonight from around 5 to 7 pm.

Netter’s Dinner 2005 Thurs. Jan. 13, 7-10pm (requires pre-reg)

update 011205, 1110 pst: Here is a complete MWSF Event/Party List on Ilene’s Machine, including the following open-to-everyone parties:

Also, my MWSF photos are up on Flickr. Will update as time goes on… if I attend more events 😉

mac in black

I was fortunate enough to attend the The Macintosh Marketing Story at the Computer History Museum. I actually was not planning on going, but received a call from Tantek informing me that although they had stated that the event was full, there seemed to be an adequate amount of seating left for the stragglers. I was literally driving home from work when I turned right around and headed up to Mountain View. Apologies to the rest of the South Bay crew that our previous plan did not come to fruition.

But, wow… lots of incredibly smart, witty and eloquent people in that room… I sat and listened to the many stories that led to the creation of the greatest personal computer ever. Heh… and to think I was only a mere eight years old when the Mac came to be.

Oh, and Guy Kawasaki’s Hawaiian accent was much more apparent to me now that I know how to recognize it. Heh.


I started to get the impression that this event quickly turned into “Funny Stories About Steve Jobs” rather than about the marketing history of the Mac. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy these stories as much as everyone else, but I was most interested in hearing how the marketing machine really worked. What worked, what didn’t? What is the secret behind making the consumers excited year after year after year about your products? As someone who has worked in design and advertising, these are things that interest me. I didn’t really get all the answers to all my questions, but it was a fun time, really.

I am far from being an Apple history buff (although my purchase last night of Apple Confidential 2.0 gets me a step closer), but I certainly do appreciate all that I learned last night about the story of the Mac. What I came away with, was that it took a special group of people to bring the Macintosh into existence. It felt like I was listening to a bunch of friends talk about good times… which is not such a bad thing.

It was also mildly entertaining to be approached by an older woman who said to me, “This is Steve Wozniak’s Mom. You can take a picture of her if you like.”

Woz’s mom turned around, looked at her friend, and said, “Now what?”

I smiled at Mrs. Woz & her friend, and continued on my way.

MacWorld Report

So, I won’t bore you with the details, but rather, here’s a personal perspective on MacWorld Expo SF.

iPod Mini: Initially a good idea, IMHO, but the price point is too high. It’s definitely got that “oooh! cute!” factor (a bonus for teenage girls), which I actually think will sell well in foreign markets, especially in Japan, where small, cute and personalizable items are the big thing. As for accessories, I like the new headphones that they offer (they exactly mimic my Sony Fontopia Headphones that I bought in Tokyo last year, in a white/gray color to match my iPod, natch). The armband that ships with the product is pretty handy, too.
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