This page serves to give you a quick up-to-date peek into what I am up to lately.

Last updated: 4 April, 2022

💭 Thoughts

Today’s weather is pretty wild, flipping from rainstorms to bright sun to hail all day!


My allergies are off the charts today! 🤧


Over the weekend, we took a walk to the Peninsula Park Rose Garden, although there were no roses blooming just yet.


We’ve started working our way through our Portland bucket list, since we’ll be moving away soon. We went to a tried-and-true favorite, Yonder, over the weekend and shared a biscuit platter, and I had the Fancy Ranch Salad with added fried chicken thigh.

📺 Television

  • We’ve been binging Our Flag Means Death, which we like a lot! 🏴‍☠️
  • We also started watching Take-Out with Lisa Ling — only two episodes in, but I saw a lot of my own experiences in it, and learned a lot so far!

🎞 Movies

We most recently watched The Fabulous Filipino Brothers, which was fun to see our culture at the forefront of.

🎧 Podcasts

Most recently listened: the Umami Mama episode of Today Explained.

🎵 Tunes

Underground 80’s on SomaFM.

📚 Reads

I just got the first book of the A Court of Thorns and Roses series and have barely cracked it.