Five Ten Fiftyfold

The 100 Day Project Day 2: “Five Ten Fiftyfold”. I’ve often found moments of calm when I listen to Cocteau Twins. Their music saw me through some challenging times in the mid to late 90’s.

The 100 Day Project

As I’ve been struggling a bit lately with a few things: Figuring out what to blog about, finding time for myself to think, finding time for myself to *not* think (e.g., meditate), and having a consistent creative outlet.

This prompted an idea to participate in The 100 Day Project, which is described as “A free, global art project that anyone can participate in”. Participants are encouraged to post daily within a theme of their choosing.

I’ve chosen #100daysofcalm as my project, in which I will post short videos of a calm moment in my day. I really like the idea of taking a moment every day to focus and contemplate, and I hope this project helps this to become new habit.

I’ve kicked off the project today with my evening moment of calm:

The Night was Broughten

Last night was 7×7 Magazine’s Bring on the Night silent auction benefit for SF Camerawork, where they auctioned off the top 25 photographs in their recent contest.

My photo, which made it into the top 10 and therefore featured in this month’s issue, went to this lovely lady pictured here (thank you to Aynne for the photo). She wanted a photo with me and had me sign her copy of the magazine.It’s kinda neat to be in this position, although new and somewhat awkward 🙂

Bring on the Night

Sax n' Piano

I’m pleased to announce that the above photo that I shot (at Club Deluxe last December) has been selected as a top ten finalist in 7×7 Magazine‘s Bring on the Night Photography contest!


The top ten photographs will be featured in the November issue of the magazine (which, as you can see, has an “After Dark” theme). The issue should be out any day now… so keep an eye out for it!

Prints of the top 25 photos are being auctioned off to benefit SF Camerawork, a “non-profit organization encouraging emerging and mid-career artists to explore new directions in photography and related media by fostering creative forms of expression that push existing boundaries”.

Congrats also go to Derek, who I noticed was also on the list of top ten photos for this contest as well!

I’m excited that my photography is slowly making its way into the public eye. I’m even more proud that I’ve been forgiving enough to myself and to my artwork that I feel comfortable in submitting my photography to these kinds of things. Self-criticism is a hard to thing to overcome.