Binge and Purge

I’ve always been one to jump on the latest and greatest social networking sites. I like to try out these sites out of my own curiosity, although every time I join a new site, I hesitate for a moment and ask myself, “Why?”

Ever since Six Degrees [now defunct] in the late nineties, I was compelled to make connections with the people I knew, through the magic of the internet. The world wide web made our own worlds smaller, and we were enchanted with the idea of connecting and reconnecting with people from near and far. With Friendster, we saw people get obsessed with collecting friends… some even likened it to Pokémon (Gotta catch ’em all!), which was rising in popularity at the same time. Friendster forever changed the definition of the word “Friend”.

MySpace brought social networking to a younger (read: mainstream) audience and made itself a part of the vernacular. From then on, it got ridiculous. Social networking sites sprung up faster than anyone could count, and to this day, invitations to join someone’s network litter our inboxes, and people foam at the mouth for invitations to the beta version of the newest networking site.

I feel that part of the appeal of social networks is in the ability for those of the introverted persuasion (e.g., geeks and nerds) to be able to connect to many like-minded people. We became social networking junkies, binging on forming online friendships. Why not? It’s so easy… we can be friends with someone by simply clicking a button!

Yesterday, I found myself purging my social networks of people I feel little or no connection with. It was still hard for me to delete/remove/de-friend some people from these lists, so I let some of them be. What if they found out I didn’t have them in my Friend List anymore? What would I say? How would I explain it? Is it easier to keep them on my Friend List to avoid confrontation? Would this confrontation even exist?

And why the heck am I so worried about this?

Wikipedia Meme

I debated succumbing to another meme, but this one is informative! (found via Cygnoir)

  1. Go to Wikipedia.
  2. In the Search box, type your birth month and day (but not year).
  3. List three events that happened on your birthday.
  4. List two important birthdays and one interesting death.
  5. Post it.

My birthday is 27 September.

Three events:

Two important births:

One interesting death:

I ain’t taggin’ anyone, so tag yourself. 😛

Encouraging Creator

Yeah, a meme, but I like this one pretty well… it’s a pretty comprehensive personality test:

[image currently broken, but my result was “Encouraging Creator”]

Roll over the different colors in the bar to see some more details about me, or click the link to read even more.

(source: PersonalDNA)


Number 2Oh yeah, just another thing to try to encourage all ya’ll to use Dodgeball

Apparently, I’m in the top 10 users of Dodgeball in SF this month (see image, click for larger), ranking #2 behind power-dodgeballer Donny.

This proves one main point:
There are not enough users out there actually *using* Dodgeball!

Five of the ten are people in my circle of friends… and some of them checked in less than ten times in the past thirty days. I think people go out more than that per month… right? And there are a whole slew of members whose profiles read “This user has not checked in anywhere”.

C’mon, folks, I’ve already proved to you that the service works. Please try to use it more if you’re on it. And if you haven’t signed up, why not? This is a service that is only as good as the people that use it.

the squirrel made me do it

Okay, you guys. You talked me into it.


Being at the blog meetup last night and being the only one that wasn’t writing a novel, well, kinda pushed me a bit.

Be entertained by my disorganization! Watch me flail around without a real plot or characters! See me start two days late with no idea of what I’m doing! Shake your fist at me for posting even fewer blog entries!

I figure it’ll be more fun this way. Yes, I have a sadistic idea of what “fun” can be. It’s also good for me to do to take my mind off of current events.

My novel (pun intended) concept? “Yet Another Teen Novel”. I am also taking inspiration from my hobby of Found Objects. Heck, I may even integrate a few of said objects.

My first day, I’m at 2,016 words as of this posting. I have a lot to do.