March 2019

March was a bit of a rollercoaster, but full of lots of activity and experiences.


In March, we started a new habit to take walks with no particular destination. We would get a carshare (as we didn’t own a car at the time) and drive to a neighborhood that we wanted to explore, and just meander for a while.

Fence mural in Mt. Scott-Arleta

One of the nice things about walking in residential neighborhoods is that you meet all kinds of friendly cats.


Mid-month, Ginger suffered from a seizure, which had never happened before. We were terrified when it happened, but in true Ginger fashion, she bounced back and was back to her normal self within a few days. She has always been a tough cookie.


I did a lot of cooking in March, but the only meal I documented with a photo is this half pan of Lasagna.

Dining out

I co-worked at a couple of spots this month — I checked out the cafe attached to my local library, Bitter Rose Coffee Bar. I also spent a few hours working at Proud Mary later in the month.

I also tried a few spots solo, including Giraffe (a Japanese deli located inside of Cargo) and Kargi Gogo, a Georgian spot in the Alberta Arts district.

To celebrate Mardi Gras, we went to Tapalaya to enjoy some NOLA-inspired cuisine and live music.

We also tried a few new (to us) spots: Arleta Library Bakery Cafe and Anchor End for brunch, and the cocktail spot Wonderly.


In March, I saw a couple of movies in the theater: Captain Marvel and Us (both which I enjoyed quite a bit).

I also went to a live theater performance for the first time in a while! I went to see LĒR, an adaptation of King Lear from local performance company The Reformers.


More photos from March without much context:

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