My Mom Says I’m a Catch

CourtneybillThis past week has given me a bit of a boost… always a nice thing for the ol’ ego.

Once again, I’m in SF Dodgeball‘s top users, currently (at the time of writing this) standing at numero uno. Yeehaw.

I joined Consumating last week, and my “popularity” on that site shot up so freakin’ quickly, it was scary. It was amusing to see that I was in the top two for many days. I am usually not into dating-type sites, but of course, the Ajax-y goodness, tags and RSS feeds compelled me. Man… that’s frickin’ dorky.

And to top it all off, I have gained myself a nice little Fan Club on Flickr, which now now has a president and official newsletter coming up in the new year.

Ah, me public.

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