On getting sick and being a geek girl

I love how a simple “how are you” conversation takes turns for true entertainment (and in turn, blog fodder). In a chat with a good friend yesterday:

T: So how’s your day treating you?
C: not bad. I’m still sick
C: doctor won’t take me till Thursday
T: that sucks. Getting worse?
C: eh, it’s stable
T: Yuck. Well, only 2 days, I suppose. You’ll just have to curtail those early AM drug, alcohol and sex romps you’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks… it wears the body down.
C: ahahaha, sure, T
C: you know me too well 😉
T: I’m just looking out for you… not judging at all.
C: heh. well, I’m a good girl, really
C: I’ve just been way too socially active lately.
T: I know you are. And good girls are always much better than bad girls. The idea of a bad girl is… interesting, but in reality, good girls are so much sweeter.
C: O:-)
T: Well… that may be taking it a little too far. 😉
C: hahaha
C: thanks for the vote of confidence 🙂
T: Well. c’mon, you need a little bit of badness in you… just a smidgen.
C: yeah, I have a glimmer 😀
T: A twinkle of badness. That’s okay. As long as most of you is sweet… and geeky.
T: That’s the funniest thing. After I tell you about recording HD on the Myth PVR, you look at me and say, “that’s so hot.” Cool.
C: haha 😀
C: cos it IS
T: Well, much better than sitting and talking about different wines and blather like that.
C: blah
C: I like wine, but that shit is boring for convos
T: True. And I don’t like wine.
C: haha

Yeah, uh, give me good High Definition video over a good wine anyday. Or better yet, give me both at the same time.

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