Mid-October Madness

As is tradition, I’m posting my weekend update on a Tuesday. Nice to know that I’m consistent, huh?

Amongst my preparations for LAP-POP, I was able to have a pretty darned fun weekend.

Last call pokerOn Saturday afternoon, Jason and I headed out to Colma to check out the Tombstone Hold ‘Em game taking place at the Italian Cemetery within the Historic Congressional Cemetery. Jane McGonigal of Avant Game had invited me to the game earlier via email, and I was intrigued enough to check it out. I love these types of collaborative games, and I love poker, so it sounded like a winning combination.

And what fun it was!

About 70 people showed up to play on this afternoon. We split up into “tables” of 4-6 teams of two people each. The basic idea of Tombstone Hold ‘Em is that all five community cards are dealt at once, and the teams run around the cemetery to claim two tombstones as their pocket cards. The suit of the tombstone is defined by its shape, and the value is defined by either the year of death or the number of names on it. The only way that your hand is valid is if you can touch your teammate and the stones at the same time. It’s harder that it sounds!

I took a lotta pictures that afternoon, and there are certainly more floating around out there… there were a ton of cameras and other gadgets in use among this crowd.

I had to cut out early from the social drinking part of the game and the Sunset Game that took place later, for I had to jet across the bay for my Aunt Lydia’s surprise birthday dinner at Skates. Good, rich food (tiger prawns stuffed with dungeness crab? Holy crap), awesome view of the bay, and an all-around fun time. I don’t remember when the crossover was, but it’s cool to be a part of the “adult” family events now (more on that in a future entry). I topped off the dinner and thick slice of birthday cake with a coupla cups of coffee before jetting back to SF.

Dwele with The Rebirth
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I met up with Jesse at Mezzanine around midnight, who had scored me a free ticket in… bonus! We were there to catch the BBC Sessions Live with DJ Gilles Peterson, Dwele, and The Rebirth. It was a fun time, good music, and we danced around for a coupla hours till it made my toes go numb.

We left Mezzanine at 3ish and met up with Jason in line outside of the new De Young… he had already been in line for hours at that point! We hung out and reveled in the craziness all around us in the massive line… people were dancing about, music was coming from all directions, many substances were being passed around.

We finally got in the front door of De Young at 4:20 (heh) and wandered around for a coupla hours. Although it was way cool, I think that my awareness was slowly deteriorating and the tiredness began to set in. We left close to 6AM.

Unfortunately, I forgot to tote my camera along with me that evening, but Jesse did a good job at documenting the night’s activities.

I didn’t plan anything for Sunday, really… it was good to slowly wake up and nurse a cup of coffee while staring at the view. Jesse and I headed to J-Town in the afternoon for a late lunch and caught the 4:20 (hah) show of Serenity at the Kabuki.

And that’s all she wrote, ladies and gentlemen. See you next Tuesday. 😉

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