Somebody’s Checkin’ In

Just a quick post to let you all know that things are going pretty well for me. I just started a new full time job last week, which has been keeping me pretty well-occupied… not to mention, very content! I am really liking it here so far.

The biggest issue right now is trying to balance out my existing clients with my FT job… it’s proving to be a challenge, but I hope I figure out a good system. I’m sure many of you can relate to the general feeling of tiredness after a full day of work, and not wanting to dive into any more projects once you walk out the office door.

I already miss a few things about freelancing life… sleeping late/staying up late, being able to have lunches with local friends at a whim, being able to run errands whenever I needed to. But that’s okay, I will adjust… and it’s for the better, really.

In other news… there are a few good meetups coming up! Tonight is the Flickr Group, next Monday is the Coffee meetup, and next Tuesday will be the meetup for South Bay Bloggers. Hope to see some of you at one (or more) of ’em!

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  1. not to forget the movie group today, Sunday. Sorry Courtney I can’t make it but can’t access my office mail right now via mailreader to change my meetup feedback into No. I give it a shot and post this comment to inform you about my bailing out. I also sent Elke a message. Have fun today!! Next time I am there again.

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