Easy Like Sunday Morning

This long weekend was pretty lax, I didn’t really go anywhere. Whilst K and R were off to the MUNI protest on Saturday, I stayed behind in the South Bay to take care of things at home. That morning, I woke up to hammer out some pins for K. These buttons also prompted me to bring a redesign to his site over the weekend, at the same time, switching the main page of the site to WordPress, natch.

That evening we held an early poker night, and we all jetted off to Camera 12 to catch a late showing of Constantine. I thought it was alright… I like a lot of the visuals, and a few of the characters. One of my companions fell asleep. One didn’t like it at all. I think the other two liked it pretty well.

Sunday, I spent some time on a Flickr project for the Squared Circle group. I had the idea to make some more pins, this time, out of Squared Circles, since they are naturally the perfect shape for it. Jim is kindly helping me out with some scripting and such… namely, resizing the image and compressing the circle into two-thirds of the image, creating a warp/distortion along the outer edge of the image so it can bleed properly along the image edge of the button. Check the thread for progress on the project.

I also spent a good chunk of Sunday afternoon and evening processing and scanning the film from Nicole & Brandon‘s wedding on the 12th (which reminds me, I never posted the wedding shower pictures… heh, that’s okay, since Nicole hasn’t posted about the wedding yet).

I also took some time with my new hard drive and put it together with this nifty shiny new aluminum enclosure to make me a new, spacious and fast(!) external drive.

In an odd 180 twist, I also was making up a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies at the same time as processing the film.

I guess this weekend was fairly productive after all.

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  1. Hey, I just noticed your name affiliated with Metroblogging SF and had tell you that it made me jump out of my chair that you will be contributing to their site. I read the LA blog cause I live ,well in LA, but sometimes look over at the SF stuff cause I like to be “in-the-know” about the area I still love. I was without the internet for a week and just saw your pics of The Polyphonic Spree. I linked to your newest blog here and read a couple entries. I would have gone with ya to see Mates Of State but I guess that has passed now. They played in LA Saturday night with Smoosh but I missed it. I don’t think I’m going to the big desert show but if I change my mind I’ll let your know. It would be wonderful to see The Arcade Fire!!!. Take Care.

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