Rest Awhile

Yeah, the rumors are true. After three years of this site, I’ve decided to give it a rest. Being pigeonholed into the role of “the geeky chick” has constrained me a bit in terms of what I want to do personally with my personal website. Even that is up in the air while I figure those details out. For now, it is still going to be just a plain ol’ blog.

Perhaps this is a bit of a new year’s purge. Yes.

What I have not decided, is if I should port these old entries over to the new blog. I kinda like the idea of starting anew. Also, when I do make the transition, I don’t think I’m going to have a forwarding page from this domain to the new one. But I’ll let you know where I will be when the time comes.

Also, I have refocused some energy on SFBayBloggers. The link lists are changing to much more comprehensive lists, and I am hopefully working out a better system to manage the links. The forums are currently disabled, but hopefully I’ll be adding more features, like maybe a metroblog or two.

More to come.

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