the squirrel made me do it

Okay, you guys. You talked me into it.


Being at the blog meetup last night and being the only one that wasn’t writing a novel, well, kinda pushed me a bit.

Be entertained by my disorganization! Watch me flail around without a real plot or characters! See me start two days late with no idea of what I’m doing! Shake your fist at me for posting even fewer blog entries!

I figure it’ll be more fun this way. Yes, I have a sadistic idea of what “fun” can be. It’s also good for me to do to take my mind off of current events.

My novel (pun intended) concept? “Yet Another Teen Novel”. I am also taking inspiration from my hobby of Found Objects. Heck, I may even integrate a few of said objects.

My first day, I’m at 2,016 words as of this posting. I have a lot to do.

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  1. Ahhh! I wish you well in the madness that is NaNoWriMo (or November to people not into creative writing.) I belong to a writing site that gets hot and heavy with NaNoWriMo (love your badge!) I’m mainly into essays and poetry, so I dodge that bullet, though I do get into Online SLAMS. I even host one for deliberately bad poetry. (Imagine this prompt: write three linked/chained haiku about toejam. That day I called it ToeJamminPalooza. It is a day that lives in infamy.)

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