Sin City

So I’ve been in Las Vegas for a day so far, and I’m pretty amazed how much has changed since I was here last, maybe five or six years ago. Maybe half a dozen new resorts have popped up and they’re all, not surprisingly, very extravagant. Everything sparkles at nighttime and we stop to stare in amazement at the wonders of the lighted signs and marquees. I swear, everything here is extravagantly lit, even the ol’ drug store, the In-N-Out Burger, the camera store and the Denny’s. Only in Vegas.

We got to have dinner at Bobby Flay‘s new Mesa Grill at Caesars, which I will say is very tasty. As much as Flay annoys me (I simply cannot watch his shows because his voice alone is enough to make me cringe), I admit he makes some damn fine food. We shared a grilled shrimp & cilantro pesto quesadilla appetizer and a New Mexican spice rubbed pork tenderloin, both accented with smoky spices and well-crafted sauces. With the signature margaritas (K had an original, I had a white peach, both on the rocks), the meal was perfect. Although a wee bit pricey, sharing a meal is the way to go. I really do believe in sharing entrees because regular american restaurant portions are really too big for a single person. Plus, it makes pricier restaurants a bit more manageable for the rest of us.

I played a bit of progressive nickel slots this afternoon (yes, I’m being thrifty) and lost only $10. So far, so good. As fun and exciting as it would be to play a bit of hold ’em or three-card poker here in Sin City, I am a bit concerned about seeing too much my money disappear way too fast. I prefer my regular kitchen table poker gang back home, for sure. It would be interesting to get that gang down here to take over one of these tables and play a few rounds. Some day, some day…

But we’d rather use our money right now for some good food and entertainment.

What I’m mostly excited about it seeing a show or two. We’re planning on seeing the infamous Blue Man Group at the Luxor as well as Penn and Teller’s newest show at the Rio. I am not interested at all in the Sirens show here at Treasure Island (which seems to be affectionately referred to as “TI” everywhere now… and I can’t shake the Texas Instruments connection). Even though it’s a free show, it really turns me off with its battle of the sexes theme. What ever happened to the good ol’ pirate show? This makes me sad.

For today and tomorrow, K is in a conference, so I’ve been pretty much fending for myself. It’s kinda cool to wander around and people watch. Right now I am relaxing in our room overlooking the strip (yesterday we had a room on the other side of the building that overlooked a roof, and luckily they had us change rooms today. hooray!). It’s a very gray cloudy day, and it’s gloriously brisk out. The rain has been on and off all day, but I’m sure I can find more ways to get around without getting wet.

Oops! Just as I typed that, an incredible downpour just started. Awesome, I can barely see the buildings down the block. Gonna head down to Canter’s Deli for a munchie.

Ooh! Thunder!

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