Lots has been up lately.

As mentioned not too long ago, I have taken up a volunteer job at a local community center. I am particularly dealing in the area of counseling, which is a very difficult but also rewarding job. It’s always nice to know you are helping someone get through their day, and even making a difference in their lives. Volunteering, in general, is a good idea. I think that often that is something take makes one realize how much of a difference you can make with a small gesture.

As silly as their ads are, VolunteerMatch is a great site that can match your talents to volunteer jobs in any local area you choose, and to your schedule as well. Do check it out if you get a chance and make a difference!

On Monday, I went to The City to go to the Puffy AmiYumi concert at The Fillmore. My friend Arnie treated me to the show for my birthday, which was a wonderful gesture. I also ran into my cousin, Lei and her boyfriend Roger, at the concert… Roger’s dad was actually the big J-Pop fan, and they were along for the ride! It was a great show, with a playlist that included mostly their singles and number one hits. The tour was a three-city tour, stopping in NY, LA and finally SF… mostly to hype up the American market for their music and their upcoming cartoon that is to air on the Cartoon Network starting the middle of next month.

I have also been busy with a bit of freelance work, and took an opportunity to run one of my jobs on the Print Gocco! I love using that thing… I will be making a lot of my holiday gifts this year, and the Gocco will play a big part in that. Scary that I am needing to think about this stuff now, but the holidays are definitely coming up and I need to be prepared!

Currently, I am in San Luis Obispo again, to visit my brother at Cal Poly, where they are having the homecoming parade and game this weekend. Should be a lot of fun.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any pictures, but they are coming soon.

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  1. *Gasp!* You have the Gocco! I am so jealous. I first saw that in ReadyMade Magazine, and fell in love with it immediately. I couldn’t justify getting it though (Not enough people on my xmas card list 🙂 But that is awesome that you have it!

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