I’m alive

No really, I am. I still continue to exist, although my blogging has not been keeping up with me.

You’ll have to settle with a bulleted list of my recent activity.

  • Annual Family Picnic in Walnut Creek had the smallest turnout of years past. I think everyone’s busy.
  • Bought my tickets for TMBG‘s 8/14 concert at the Fillmore. Be there or be a triangle. Man.
  • Went to Cal Poly SLO to accompany my brother on his advising session (he’ll be attending in the fall). I’m considering transferring there.
  • Tried Brigette’s on Saratoga Ave. Twice. They have killer chocolate moelleux.
  • Celebrated the life of my late friend Joe, whose 28th birthday was on the 18th. We also had our first foundation meeting, and are having a fundraiser for brain tumor research in November. I hope some of you can attend.
  • Spent a day with my friend Ben who was visiting from the DC area. We went thrift store shopping, found the McSweeney’s Pirate Store and the Ninja Supply store, amongst other things. Went to Giant Robot, Kid Robot and ate kickass burritos nearby.
  • Went to the Saves the Day concert at Slim’s with my brother and cousins. Good show, not so good venue. (pictures)
  • attended yet another South Bay Bloggers gathering at Coffee Society. We’ve been at it for almost 2 years now!
  • Went to the South Lake Tahoe area to relax for a few days at my parents’ timeshare. High altitude + Dry Air + No A/C = teh suck.

Now, I’m off to Cancun with some of my family. I think we’re becoming very used to the idea of travelling. It’s stupendous. We didn’t travel much as kids, and I guess we’re making up for lost time. Or maybe we’re just having too much fun.

I’m considering doing a whole crapload of travelling on my own before I go back to school. Then I’ll have it outta my system and I can start my brain anew.

Blogging is light, and may continue to be light through the summer. See you again soon, though.

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  1. Now do you see what I mean when I said, “Summertime and the blogging is easy… MY ASS!”

    It’s actually much harder to blog in the summer.

    But that’s a good thing! 🙂

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