Gradual Changes

Now is the time of many changes. The most significant of changes at this time of year involves the commencement of many young (and young at heart) people from various educational institutions, and their adventure onto new exciting adventures.

I’ve been witnessing many different people undergo this process… so far, a law school student, two high school grads and a middle school student. it’s interesting that within a short few weeks, I see these three different stages in a students’ life unfold. But then again, these different stages are a bit similar in a way. The seemingly bland ceremonies that we all sit through can barely start to represent the hard work, long hours and rollercoaster emotions that each student endured to get where they are today. And yet, they have a lot more to learn… in higher institutions, in their careers, within themselves, and in the real world.

So, prompted by these events, I’ve been thinking a bit about my own path and my own career. Okay, more than a bit. A lot. I’ve been re-evaluating my profession, my field(s) of expertise and if it makes me happy. At one point, I was perfectly happy doing what I was doing as a graphic artist… the jobs were plentiful and the pay was good. Heck, I was even able to exercise my creativity. I think I was lucky that I was able to turn something that I did as a hobby into a career. But, in these days of poor economy and less jobs, I have been feeling less rewarded, less creative and more itchy to get back out there and do something different.

I want to do something creative, but also something makes me think (not mutually exclusive). I also would love to do something that could help others, and/or give enjoyment to others. So I’ve been exploring a few different options, and I’ve made a pretty firm decision to move onto a new career. I am probably going to be going back to school in order to learn more about this new field, and hopefully in turn, more about myself. Wish me luck. Here I go again.

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