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I’ve been very conscious of my food intake for the past week or so… even though I did not gain a pound on our wonderfully excessive cruise vacation, I know I could stand to lose some of that excess flab. The added danger presently is the abundance of snackage here at home. I think I’ve done a fair job this past week of snacking on carrots, grapes and fat-free pudding.

The weekend is also dangerous, with eating out and socializing in the mix. But this weekend wasn’t so bad at all.

On Saturday morning, my friend Michelle and I went out to Santana Row to catch a glimpse of my hero, AB, giving a knife demonstration and book signing. The strange thing was that I had to reserve a spot weeks in advance for this event, yet it took place in an open courtyard with seemingly unorganized seating arrangements… so unfortunately, I didn’t have a prime seat for the demo. AB attempted to prepare a gazpacho, utilizing a few different knife techniques. Since he was primarily speaking about knife skills, he didn’t get the finish the recipe… but he graciously answered lots and lots of questions and interjected a lot of his signature humor into the demo.

After the demo, everyone scurried to Sur la Table to wait in line for the book signing. He stated that he would stay until he met every last person in line… this hinted to me that maybe he was responsible for changing the event from reservations only to free for all… which is actually a good thing. The line snaked through the store, which was a bit dangerous for Mish and I… we good some good looks at lots of kitchen equipment that we’d love to have in our homes.

He’s a very personable guy, very friendly, and his sense of humor persisted through the entire time we were there No wonder he has so many fans. Upon first sight, he would extend his hand and exclaim, “Hi! I’m Alton Brown!” to every single person.

As a good food geek would, he immediately looked at my shirt and exclaimed “Caffeine!”… and not to leave Mish out, he looked at her shirt and said, “uhh… BAT!” Michelle described the meeting to others that evening that AB “looked at our boobs”. 😉

Inspired by AB and a few recent Good Eats episodes, I took it upon it myself that evening to make the Fish Roll with Compound Butter for dinner, since we were staying in that night. If you can’t tell from the picture, it consists of an ocean scallop wrapped in a flounder filet, wrapped in a salmon filet. I would highly recommend this recipe… it’s easy, fast, and it looks pretty. The only white wine we had on hand was a Pinot Grigio, which didn’t necessarily go with the fish, but we drank a couple of glasses anyway.

The best part? The recipe made a lotta servings, so we were able to have leftovers last night. I threw in some stir-fried beans with toasted almond slivers, too (thanks to Erik for the inspiration).


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  1. Tom and I caught the roulade episode of Good Eats. We were fascinated by the fish roll and have vowed to try it at some point.

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