Movin’ On

Not like posting here was frequent anyway, but it will probably be pretty quiet around here for a week or so while I join my family for an action-packed vacation in Florida and the Bahamas.

I’ve been running like mad all day trying to tie up loose ends, pack our suitcases, clean the house and trying to fit in a little something for myself. My last few hours have been spent working on some freelance projects (count ’em, three) that needed to be completed before I left… or at least, left in a decent state.

I look at the clock and see that it’s past one in the morning, and that we need to be up and at ’em by around 3:30. What’s the sense in sleeping now? Maybe a twenty minute power nap? Besides, a certain someone is lying on the sofa across from me, sawing logs like no one’s business… not like I could get any sleep with that racket… 😉

So yeah, movin’ on.

Yesterday was my last day (supposedly) at the job I had held for almost 6 months. Although it was not a long tenure, I feel that maybe my departure was a bit overdue, personally. I am very ready to move on to bigger and better things… hoping that my freelance design business will pick up even more (it already has, judging from tonight’s workflow).

It will be nice to come back from vacation and kinda start anew… it’s great to be able to go on this trip and not have any worries about work right now. This was a good idea. We’ve had this trip planned for a year, so it better be a good idea. 😉

And vacation is especially a good idea right now. since my mom pointed out my severe case of monitor tan earlier this evening. Hmph.

Oh, and before I forget… if you want a postcard, go ahead and send me a message with your address, and I’ll probably get it… internet access is everywhere these days… ain’t technology wunnerful?

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  1. S’funny that no blogs I read ever mention “Hey. I’m taking off for a few days to Columbus, OH.”

    Everyone goes to the fabulous places.

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