Mmm, brains.

Bleh. It’s gray and cold outside, and not to mention the winds that are kicking up the mass quantities of pollen in the dry air. I wish that Mother Nature would just make up her dadgummed mind. The situation is not made any better by the whole daylight savings fiasco. Yes, fiasco. My body clock is all whacked, and I feel like a zombie… not enough to feel like I want to eat your brains (mmm, brains), but enough to not feel like I’m on the same plane as everyone else right now.

Coffee sounds mighty appealing at the moment. Mmm, coffee.

But the pollen… in the wind! It burns! It Freeeeeezes!

Ahem. End Gollum moment.

I think I’m at the pinnacle of my allergic moments. Even while on my allergy meds, I’m finding myself with clogged sinuses, painful ears, stuffy nose and itchy eyes. I can’t imagine how much worse it’d be if I wasn’t taking those allergy medications.

I showed up ten minutes late today for our weekly Monday morning meeting, which now looks like it’s not happening. Dang, I coulda slept in an extra hour.

Mmm, coffee.

Monday morning randomness. Don’t you just love it?

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