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As tempting as it is to slack as much as possible when you decide to work for yourself, it is not the best way to get anything done. It’s a definite hinderance, to say the least. I know there was a time a little while back when I said that I was the worst boss that I’d ever had. I am aware of the problems, and hope to nip them in the bud this time around.

  1. Go to sleep and wake up on a consistent schedule. Last year, I found myself waking up at different times of morning (er, late morning, early afternoon… same difference), and pushing my bed time further and further back. Granted, I do consider myself more of a night person than a morning person, but I think to run a business, I need to run business hours. So 9 AM it is.
  2. Resist the urge to clean the house. One of the prominent dangers of working from home is the constant load of housework that taunts you like a schoolyard bully. Don’t scrub the shower, don’t mop the kitchen, do your work and stick to it. So far, this has proven to be my downfall as far as working from home. The next point encourages me to break the habit…
  3. Get out of the house. The house is distracting, as noted in the previous point, and it really is not a place of work since there is no real defined “work space”. I have been finding myself cafe-hopping, trying to find a good place to concentrate on my tasks (suggestions in the Silly Valley are welcome in the comments). The new library in town has also proven to be a great place for some quiet, although I am hesitant to do my calls from there since it *is* so quiet.
  4. Don’t get too distracted by the intar-web thingy. This is already a hard one to conquer. Even with some of my regular full time jobs (previous job excepted, since it was a retail environment), the web in all its glory has tempted me. It is actually easier to ignore with the man (a.k.a. pointy-haired bosses) always checking in on you. OTOH, it also has been made difficult by bosses that fall victim to the same habits.
  5. Maintain a constant presence with the people on my contacts list. Oh, how I’ve learned the importance of networking and contacts. They are invaluable and are my window to the world. I have been horrible at keeping up with the business contacts that I have been making, and I am vowing to change that. Besides, how am I going to find more work if I don’t let people know that I’m there and available? Keeping on the phone and sending e-mails (business related, natch) is also a good way to make sure I don’t slack off.

I’m also considering taking a part-time job and/or temping to fill in the blanks. So if you know of any opportunities in the Silly Valley, let me know.

*ahem* So yeah, back to work.

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  1. Amazing–you just articulated exactly the same problems I have when I’m at home. Particularly the parts about going to sleep and getting up on a schedule, getting distracted by the Internet, and avoiding the urge to clean. Excellent advice :-)…

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