two dew

Feel free to ignore this post (it’s not like I say, “YOU! READ THIS ENTRY! NOW!” anyways). Ironically, I look at my blog more than I look at my Visor. My memory for to-do’s has been extremely short-term, and my attention span has grown extremely short, period. sigh

In no particular order, subject to change:

  • Revive and re-sync Visor (heh)
  • Pick up prescriptions
  • Sort through old magazines
  • subscribe to frequently-purchased magazines
  • Clean out pantry items
  • Steam clean dining room carpet (bleh)
  • Goodwill dropoff or garage sale
  • Replace my falling-apart headphones
  • Catch up on freelance work due this week
  • Contact dentist/doctor about teeth grinding
  • Make appointment for (ahem) annual exam
  • Possibly re-seed backyard lawn
  • Drink copious amounts of coffee drinks

Some vacation related stuff:

  • Shop around and buy new mini DV cam (open to suggestions, but I’m partial to Canon ZR’s)
  • Possibly get some new luggage pieces (there seems to be a sale at the luggage store @ Vallco)
  • Purchase new swimsuit (yech) and other warm weather clothing
  • Coordinate house/catsitter
  • Purchase walkie-talkies
  • Create packing list
  • Lose weight (haha)

So much to do, so little sanity.

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