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On the past two consecutive weekends, K and I have visited the new location of the Legends gaming store (there’s also a more comic-centric store of the same name in the same mall) in Cupertino. I had no idea that they had moved on to a bigger and better location within the mall, and had actually feared that they had closed. The mall that they reside in has faded to a ghost of its former glory, with scattered stores and practically the whole lower level devoid of any storefronts whatsoever. I honestly think that Legends is probably the most successful retail store at that mall.

So we’ve picked up a few purchases there over the past week or two… a new copy of Risk (although we missed seeing the awesome Lord of the Rings variation on the game our first time around, rats!), some Pokémon cards, a few multi-sided dice (geek cred), and a copy of Chez Geek. I am reminded of the great fun to be had with offline gaming… how could I forget, really? The only game I’ve been playing consistently has been the weekly poker game (which isn’t all that bad, of course), and all other gaming as of late has been of the console or computer variety.

Recently, we’ve played a couple rounds of 1,000 Blank White Cards with the core of our poker-playing crew, which has proven to be a great deal of fun, and it’s a cheap game to play (all you need is blank index cards and some pens).

I do so enjoy a good ol’ game night to enjoy the company of friends. That’s what it’s really all about, anyways. I’m considering having a game night during the week on maybe a bi-weekly basis.

I wonder if we’ll bust out the 12-sided die.

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