I’ve turned into quite the “Do-It-Yourself” advocate lately.

I dunno if it means I’ve become more domestic, or maybe it’s just the artist in me wanting to get out more. I certainly don’t get to exercise my creativity enough in my day job, so of course, I must find some outlets. Maybe it’s also a desire to just do something “handy”… something with to get my hands dirty with.

It’s funny, though, because not too long ago, my mom, the “Filipina Martha Stewart” (as some friends have called her, but maybe it’s not so fitting these days because of recent events), called me “not so crafty”. Now, I’m not sure exactly what that meant… maybe she was just a fan of the Beastie Boys’ song, but I doubt it. I wasn’t exactly sure how to take this comment. I mean, sure, I wasn’t scouring flea markets for the latest Shabby Chic project materials, but I do disagree with her comment… I like to make stuff, I think I just like a different kind of craft.

The APE con really opened my eyes once again to the wonderful projects that can be done on limited budget and unlimited creativity. It was inspiring, to say the least. I’ve taken on a few more projects as of late, like more stencil cutting and t-shirt prints, mini-button production and the on-again, off-again darkroom project. I’m determined to get these things moving more than ever, and hopefully open up the door for more projects as a freelancer. I think I may go into producing promotional products for local artists and bands. That would be so choice.

Haha. I wonder of this qualifies me as a full-on Indie Snob. Hmm. Not that I look for a label… 😉

But anyways, I think doing projects like these are good for me. I need to do more of them. The sheer satisfaction of seeing one finished DIY product completed does a whole lot more for me than a full day of regular work.

I will also add that Readymade magazine is an awesome publication for DIY’ers in a similar mindset. It’s also a great start if you are interested in doing some “crafty” things yourself. The fact that they featured one of my favorite new musical discoveries, Mates of State, in the most recent issue, was a bonus. 🙂

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