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It was most appropriate that this year’s Alternative Press Expo marks the ten-year anniversary of the show, being the year of the monkey and all (get it? APE? Monkey? nevermind).

We drove up to The City in the early afternoon to mingle with the best and brightest independent artists and publishers from places near and far. There was so much to see, touch and read… and so much cool stuff to buy! The good thing about buying stuff at APE is that it’s mostly affordable stuff. Ah, the power of self-publishing. 🙂

As an added treat, I got to meet up with a handful of Killoggs peeps (see my post there for more), as well as Nicole & Brandon… and of course, I did my part and bought stuff from each one of them.

The weirdest thing to happen was to walk up to one of the tables (I unfortunately forget which one), to see the mailing list most recently signed by a friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in over 6 years! I looked all around immediate area to see if he was around, but had no luck. So if you’re out there, T.J. Walkup, shoot me an e-mail … it’s been a while!

Personally, the best thing to come out of going to APE was the flurry of creativity that was sparked by what I encountered there. So many ideas formed in my head that I want to get out on paper… or just get out, period. I am constantly frustrated by the lack of time that I seem to have to dedicate to this kind of thing. I have come to learn that it is more of a matter of making time for it. It’s way easier to hop on the computer, fire up the TiVo, or just plain veg out… especially when I have these long work days all the time. I figure, if I don’t have some sort of creative outlet, I’ll cease to exist. That’s right, I’ll just be some sort of mindless drone.

We all need a little art in our lives. Or a lot.

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