Shock and Awe! I’m blogging from work, which is of course, an unusual occurence. Come to think of it, I’ve never done this from this particular workplace, since I’m in this constantly busy environment. So yeah, I’m multitasking… although I usually do multitask, it’s always for more urgent projects (isn’t that always the case?).


So, I had been trying to convince Kev to welcome the addition of a TiVo to our household. He had always been lukewarm to the idea, stating that we really don’t watch enough television to justify purchasing a DVR. I think that he was under the impression that my gadget lust was in play here, and that it would be a frivolous expense to obtain a TiVo.

But how many times had we missed a show we really wanted to see, run out of VHS tapes (or scramble to find one), or become frustrated that we could not be home to catch a show or special? Oh, and the stacks and stacks of VHS tapes in our house is astounding. I wonder how many of them are full of recorded television shows?

Prompted by my parents’ recent acquisition of a TiVo (I had been telling them for ages to get one, since my mom religiously records her soap operas and home improvement shows), I checked the DirecTV website for their package that included a TiVo. To my surprise, it was more affordable than I (and Kev) expected… $99 for the hardware and about five bucks a month (on top of our regular service) for the service. How could you argue with that?

So I am now anxiously awaiting our new toy. It’ll be here on Valentine’s day, of all days. I can’t wait to start geeking out with it.

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