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Two entries in two consecutive days! Sound the alarms! whoop! whoop!

Tom (unintentionally?) started a new meme, in which we name five blogs we think everyone should read, and five songs everyone should hear. I’ll bite, since it’ll provide you, dear reader, with some diversions when entries here are light.

Five blogs I think you should be reading:

  • Angry Asian Man: He’s an Angry Asian Man with a lot to say on politics, pop culture and more with humor and satirism. His unique view on the world is something to be witnessed. That’s Racist!
  • Toshikomi: I went to high school with the author of this blog, and he recently found me floating in the blogiverse. Small world. He’s an excellent photographer, writer, and aquarist.
  • My Private Tokyo: a photoblog by an Australian photographer in Tokyo. I know my interest in this blog is personal (since I so totally dig Tokyo), but there are a lot of great photos to be found here.
  • The Dullest Weblog in the World: And you thought your blog was boring.
  • head-trip.net: because he’s my brother. Not just that, he’s a really cool brotha.

Five songs I think you should hear: (iTunes Music Store enabled links):

  • The Laws Have Changed by the New Pornographers: I immediately fell in love with the music of The New Pornographers for their diverse powerpop sound when I first heard them. This is one of their top tracks.
  • El Scorcho by Weezer: the best underrated Weezer track ever.
  • Ars Moriendi by Mr. Bungle: A poker night classic. Mr. Bungle is teh rawk.
  • Close to Me by the Get Up Kids: A decent cover of an old favorite by The Cure. Check out their cover of New Order’s Regret, too.
  • The End of the Tour by They Might Be Giants: of course, no music list by me is complete without a TMBG mention. This song is one of the saddest songs I have ever heard… it still makes me teary sometimes, yet it is disguised in a strangely upbeat melody and beat. Bonus: watch the documentary movie Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns and see Michael McKean deliver a moving rendition of the lyrics.

Hmm, it was a bit hard to work within the constraints of the iTMS… there is so much good music out there that I think you should hear, but alas, cannot be found on iTMS. I guess it makes sense that I recommend songs that you could at least sample. I’ll save those for another entry.

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