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I’ve really been into buying and consuming organic foods lately.

Okay, before you start calling me a card-carrying California Hippie, hear me out.

A recent interview on KQED’s Forum started my quest. Scoff if you must, but plenty of good points were made by Nell Newman of Newman’s Own Organics. Not only are organic foods good for the environment, they can be better for you.

In a Good Eats episode aired a while back, Alton Brown mentioned his use of organic milk (lowfat, not skim, for the flavor is a lot better) in making fresh yogurt from scratch. This prompted me to try a carton of organic milk, especially since the local market had it on sale for an equal price to regular milk. There is a difference! The milk tastes more… milky. It’s a true flavor, maybe even a bit creamy, if you may.

I recently started buying Wallaby yogurt, which is also organic. I bought it at first because it was one of the few yogurts on the shelf that had no corn syrup in it (which, in itself, is a bad thing for you as well, but that’s another blog entry for another day). Labeled as low-fat organic yogurt, it tasted better than many high-fat yogurts on the market.

I could go on and on about my good experiences with organic foods. There’s really no argument from me on what’s best to buy. It’s a win-win situation. You buy foods that are better for you, they taste better, you support small and local farmers, and you’re promoting the well-being of our planet. As easy as it is to pick up the mass-produced products at any old market, the extra effort to find and purchase organics is worth it, IMHO… although most often at higher prices.

totally unrelated side note: this was an entry I started writing last June and totally forgot to finish.

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    Carrots are the most important thing to get organically – sprayed carrots just absorb the chemicals right down inside them. Even peeling doesn’t help.

    The hard choice is when you have to pick between organic and fair trade.

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