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So, I won’t bore you with the details, but rather, here’s a personal perspective on MacWorld Expo SF.

iPod Mini: Initially a good idea, IMHO, but the price point is too high. It’s definitely got that “oooh! cute!” factor (a bonus for teenage girls), which I actually think will sell well in foreign markets, especially in Japan, where small, cute and personalizable items are the big thing. As for accessories, I like the new headphones that they offer (they exactly mimic my Sony Fontopia Headphones that I bought in Tokyo last year, in a white/gray color to match my iPod, natch). The armband that ships with the product is pretty handy, too.

Garage Band: A pretty sweet piece of software for creating your own digital music studio with your Mac. Anyone that’s a musician (or dreams of being one) will love this app… I know that I want a copy! It’s even more affordable than an iPod Mini… $49 for the iLife App (with Garage Band included) and a mere $99 for the touch-sensitive MIDI keyboard (a USB device). I am tempted. Very tempted. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Xtreme Mac: I was most impressed by Xtreme Mac’s new offerings. The Xtremity iPod Accessory System was by far the coolest… a holster with belt clip (ingeniously designed, I do add), removable clear face, and a dash mount. I just wish that it would work with “old school” iPods.

I will add that the iPod ruled the Expo this year. The presence of iPod-related products were astounding. Again, I wish there were more products for the old-style iPod. I was hurting… so many cool products for a model I don’t own. *sigh* The problem that many geeks have.

Yet another iPod-ish device, MacSense’s HomePod, gets my vote for one of the coolest products of the show. It’s essentially a Wi-Fi device that streams your music files from any computer in the house to your device of choice. Its iPod-like interface is quite welcome, as well.

EJ MIDI Turntable: A turntable for mixing/remixing video! I was enthralled by this product. It’s a MIDI turntable system that allows your to “scratch” your digital video, in real time. You can use your existing turntable, with their Optical Vinyl and Cartridge (to replace traditional vinyl and needle). Freaking sweet if you ask me… another vote for coolest product.

Toy Sight: FreeVerse Software does it again with a fun collection of 12 games designed for use with an iSight or any other firewire camera. You control the games with your movements on camera. How fun is that? At $35, it’s a steal. I bought my copy and can’t wait to play with it! Definitely another vote for coolest of show… argh! Can’t decide!

Peet’s Coffee: Peet’s Coffee was being poured at the event… not all varieties though, and they were being served from huge carafes that sat there for hours, so I skipped out on it… but still, this is something of great note.

There were many cool things to see and play with, but these are the main points that stick out in my mind right now. I’m sure you can find more MWSF coverage elsewhere if you are looking for details. 😉

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  1. I am looking forward to garage band and better iPhoto.

    I am disappointed that the iPod Mini are using a hard drive. I was really hoping it would have some sort of flash memory.

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