The weather outside is frightful

This weekend, we went on a whirlwind trip to the South Lake Tahoe area… more precisely, just on the other side of the Nevada border in the appropriately named city of Stateline, NV. My parents own a timeshare up that way, and I often join them on their trips there. It’s always a welcome getaway.

I was saddened by the fact that no snow fell at all on the day we arrived… the drive up was relatively dry, with patches of annoying rain here and there. The mountains were still as gorgeous as I remember them. I grew up taking at least a yearly pilgrimage with my family to the Tahoe area, and seeing the mountains made many memories flood back. I still get excited when I see the first patch of snow during the long drive.

Overnight, the area was transformed. I woke up around sunrise to see a white flurry outside our window, and could not see past a couple dozen yards. Sweet. Strong winds swirled the heavy snowfall around our building that stood at almost 7,500 feet up. I couldn’t see the valley below at all. We had fears of getting snowed in.

Within an hour, the clouds had cleared, there was blue sky, and the world looked new. Everything was covered in fluffy white snow that gleamed in the sunlight. Interestingly enough, the weather went through this cycle maybe two or three times… heavy snow, sunlight, again and again. I enjoyed watching it from our window, and snapped a few pictures, as you see here.

I will share my photo gallery of our snow trip with you soon.

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