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Wow, been a while since my last entry, huh?

As expected, the new job has taken up a lot of my time and energy, which is all right, I suppose. The problem is that I haven’t been entirely enchanted with it. It’s taking a lot to get used to it, and the stress level is kinda high. I am hoping that things are going to get better in the near future, in terms of communication within the team, and management of the workflow. We’ll see how it goes as time progresses… but if the situation doesn’t improve, I’ve made it clear (I hope) that I couldn’t continue.

Tonight was the monthly South Bay Blogger meet…thing. Shoot, I haven’t really figured out what to call our new incarnation of meet-ups. This was the first month that we strayed from the “every third Wednesday” restriction that we used to have… because of that, Tom was able to make it tonight for the first time! We tried another new venue, the Tied House Brewery and Cafe in downtown San Jose. Pretty good food, decent brews, but a bit cold in the back section of the restaurant. I was worried that no one would be able to find us all the way back there, so hopefully, there were no late-comers or crashers that didn’t see the group and left without seeing us. Apologies if this was the case… I did ask the staff to keep an eye out for stragglers. We had fifteen RSVPs, but I believe a total of nine people showed up… even the ones that are still pounding away at their novels for NaNoWriMo!

And WTF is up with this new Evite system anyways? The general consensus has been that the old version of it is a lot better. I wish they weren’t trying so hard to be Friendster. Too bad for them… they really had a good thing going that didn’t need improvement, IMHO. If it ain’t broke…

Anyways, with Turkey Day coming up, I’m sure a lot of people aren’t updating their blogs, and/or reading mine. Hope your holiday is filled with fun, turkey (or Tofurkey) and pie. Lots of pie.

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  1. Taking inspiration from NaNo, we could call it the SoBaBloMe. Because, y’know, that won’t sound strange. 😛 Silliness aside, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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